What Are 3D Gel Number Plates?

 3D number plates are becoming extremely popular. Is this a Rolls Royce of licence plates? Yes. Is this a Rolls Royce of licence plates? Yes. These are legal for the road and can be made in a variety of sizes with all of the standard features such as borders, footers, and badges. We can assist you in purchasing 3D Gel number plates at AutoWorld Online.

3D Gel adhesive is used to create a dome 3D look on number plates in 3D Number Plates. These fine-textured surfaces enhance the look of any car by offering a fine-textured surface while preserving complete road legality. They are available in black characters on white and yellow backgrounds on the front and back. These plates are typically used as a sales tool in showrooms to highlight the sleek lines of prominent vehicles. Indeed, these are already commonly used on many high-end cars, so why not give yours the same high-end look? Have a look at our 3D Gel plates.

3D Road Legal Number Plates Collections

3D Black Gel


3D Black Gel Number Plate

Road Legal

MOT & DVLA Friendly

3 YEARS Warranty

2D Number Plates and 3D Domed Gel Plates

Build your own 3D Gel number plates. 3D Gel Number Plates are being made by high quality covering sheet cut characters with a polyurethane gel resin on them, giving them the raised profile of the number plate. Being one of the premium brands in the registration plate industry, we ensure the final product is made to the highest level of quality. A truly custom finish in high gloss black. Make your current number plates come alive with 3D gloss gel plates. 3D Gel is at the top of the list when it comes to premium 3D car number plates.

Are 3D Number Plates Legal? Yes

Black 3D Gel Number Plates are legal and they meet all the standards set by the DVLA – (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency). 3D car gel number plates are 100% road legal. 3D Black Gel design and add-on options we offer are all created as British Standards (BS AU 145e) and are MOT Friendly. As one of the UK’s most popular 3D number plate legal suppliers, we ensure that high-quality standards are met on our 3D licence plates.

How to make 3D gel number plates?

We start by printing and then cutting the legally sized characters for the plates. After that, we use our high-quality resin to identify the cut lines of the letters and digits. We used a specially designed low-heat oven to eliminate the air bubbles from the completed characters. When we’re satisfied with the results, we remove them out and set them aside to cool. We can remove the high-strength 3M adhesive backing and install them on your plates once they’ve hardened. We can finally roll them through our sealed rollers &  they’re all ready to go!

3D Show Number Plates Collections

Neon Red 3D Gel

3D number plate with Neon Red text made from gel, to make your car registration stand out! Add your registration number and we will print and send

Neon Blue 3D Gel

3D number plate with Neon Blue text made from gel, to make your car registration stand out! Add your registration number and we will print and send

3D Light Carbon Gel

3D number plate with Light Carbon text made from gel, to make your car registration stand out! Add your registration number and we will print and send

3D Dark Carbon

3D number plate with Dark Carbon text made from gel, to make your car registration stand out! Add your registration number and we will print and send your custom number plate!

3D Starlight Glitter Gel

A set of premium 3D Starlight Gel ? plates that are bound to add the new updated look your car needs. Everything on your car ? can have a premium touch... it's about time your reg plates can now too! All plates will be made in the legal format.

For as little as £44.99, you can purchase 3D Gel Number Plates.

3D gel number plates in Bolton are widely used in top car models like:

Porsche, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, General Motors, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Audi, BMW, and many others.

However, they look great on any car! If you want your automobile to look modern and elegant, choose Auto World Online to buy 3D number plates online that fit any vehicle. Choose your preferred border, footer, and badge options to make your car’s number plates look elegant and unique.

What 3D number plates can I design?

3D Gel Show plates can be added to a variety of number plate types using any of our best text styles.We can add them to a lot of different shapes, like 4X4 or large rear plates. Besides guaranteeing that the characters are of the legal size to be properly displayed on a motorcycle, you can also add 3D plates and 3D private plates to your motorcycle too. 3D looking characters without the generalise can also be purchased from our number plate maker. This two-tone font effect gives the look of a 3D registration plate without the full high-quality domed effect. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a 3D registration plate for your car. This text style would look amazing on your very own personalised registration mark. Shop our entire range of 3D number plates and 4D number plate designs for you to see if you can select the one you find best for your car.

Looking for cherished number plates?

If you are looking for a cherished number plate or the 3D Domed gel plates that you truly love, call us and we will get it for you. The demand for both styles has increased over the years, and some clients get confused as to which is which. Both are part of our raised character collection and give a dynamic edge to your plates. The difference lay in the materials and methods used to manufacture the characters. 3D gel number plates, as we have previously mentioned, are made using a polyurethane gel resin. This leaves a smooth, raised profile. 4D number plates are a bit different in that way because they are made from solid acrylic. This goes for an exact and ‘boxed’ cut all around the characters. Both 3D & 4D are eventually 3D in their appearance and nature, but 4D plates offer a different style altogether.

How much do 3D registration plates cost?

Cost will be £44.99 for a set.

3D Gel plates aren’t the only high-quality product that we do for you. We also use the latest laser cutting and CNC hardware to provide some of the industry’s best premium number plates. If you’re looking for 3D number plates UK for cars, an excellent fit for your caravan, 4×4, or whatever vehicle you have. If you want to add a slogan to our premium plates, there’s not much that we can’t do for you! If you have any questions about our 3D licence plates or gel licence plates, get in touch with Autoworld Online today. Start Building Your Plate Now! Build Your Number Plate in Minutes with our unique product add-on tool. We have number plates in all shapes and sizes with all premium designs for your vehicles. ‘Create Your Own Plate’ E-Plates are a new form of number plate that has been introduced and is currently undergoing trial in the United Kingdom.

Number Plates—When and Why Were They Made?

It looks like these premium number plates are now becoming a necessity for every car and vehicle out there. Search for “3D gel number plates near me” or “3D number plates near me” to find us on Google. DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a registered trademark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Autoworld Online is not affiliated with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) or DVLA Personalised Registrations. Autoworld Online is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations.

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3D Number Plates
3D Number Plates
3D Number Plates
3D Number Plates

Only Choose the Best 3D Number Plates

It’s these little touches that can add to the appearance of your car and make it look cleaner and sleeker wherever you go. But if you want your car to look really good, it’s important not to settle for less.

Some suppliers of customised number plates will use different shades of grey and black to produce a 3D effect on number plate characters, but why have those when actual 3D domed car gel number plates can be yours for a few pounds only? Never mind what your query or doubt is, we are here to offer you all the guidance to buy 3D number plates.

Place your order online or simply book your plates by sending an email at info@autoworldonline.co.ukcaacltd@live.com or call us on 01204 53 43 33. Please produce a copy of your driver’s license and car’s registration number while purchasing our best 3D Gel Number Plates online!

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