Are 4D Number Plates Legal?

Yes, 4D plates are legal.

The DVLA state authorities make 4D number plates legal. The 4D black acrylic characters have been designed and laser-cut to match standard Charles Wright Font text with precise standards. The material we use for the number platethat you add this text style to is made to the same British Standards (BS AU 145e) that all legal number plates must adhere to. Get in touch with Autoworld Online today if you want further information on how our 4D number plates are legal.

Our Range of 4D Number plates collections

Road Legal
  • Road Legal
  • 4D Bike
  • Car Plate

4D Laser Cut Black


4D Lazer Cut Black Number Plate

Road Legal

MOT & DVLA Friendly

3 YEARS Warranty

4D Laser Cut Hollow Oreo


Road Legal ?

MOT & DVLA Friendly ?

3 YEARS Warranty ?

4D x Double Krystal x Gel

Our current turnaround time is 1-3 working days for all Printed / 3D & 4D styles, Custom Orders may take


4D number plates are the most recent enhancements to our number plate catalogue. 4D number plates are created from 3mm black acrylic characters. We stick them to our high-quality acrylic plates using high strength 3M adhesive.

As a 4D number plate maker, we know the DVLA says that “number plates can be 3D“, therefore 4D number plates are fully road legal and made to British Standards (BS AU 145e).

High-Quality 4D Number Plates

What are 4D Number Plates?

In the recent addition to number plate text designs, 4D laser cut plates use acrylic that is configurable to any of your number plate designs. The new raised 4D gel plate design adds an even more personal and premium feel to your bespoke number plate design.

You can add a different colour to fit underneath, which we call 4D Neon, which is referred to in other places as 4D Krystal plates. 3D gel number plates or 4D reg plates are the same product but go by different names. Need to know more about our 4D Show plates? Get in touch.

In recent days, we have also added 4D Gel Plates and 4D Laser Cut Number Plates to our catalogue. The letters are made using the same process as our standard 3mm – 4D laser cut number plates, but are made with a strong, durable 6mm thick acrylic.

4D Number Plates
4D Number Plates
4D Number Plates
4D Number Plates

How much are 4D number plates?

As this is only an add-on text style, the finalised price of your order can be different. The price for a standard ABS number plate with the 4D text style would come to £54.99. When you add different addons like plate materials, borders, tint levels, slogans, and badges, These add-ons will increase and decrease according to your selections.

Can I buy 4D show plates online?

Yes. You can use our number plate designer to create your own 4D show plates and display them in the garage, on your bedroom wall, or on your vehicle at shows or trade stands. Remember, though, you will still have to provide documentation for your 4D show plates if they display a road-legal registration.

Why buy your 4D plates from us?

  • We have professional laser cutting equipment.
  • We use ultra-strength 3M adhesive backing.
  • We provide premium-standard materials and services.
  • Our customer service team is always a phone call away.
  • We also have next-day delivery available if you order before 11 am.

Though the process of making these products is more meticulous than our other options, we have worked hard in our preparation to ensure your order of 4D car number plates will have no delays in production and delivery. They will be with you within 2-4 working days of placing your order.

Are you looking for 4D number plates that are road legal? Look no further than Auto World Online to get 4D number plates.

Our premium quality 4D number plates are:

  • Jet wash friendly
  • Road legal
  • MOT safe
  • UV Resistant
  • Available in standard sizes

Our number plates are unique because we use premium quality acrylic and materials.

During the production of your 4D Vehicle Number Plates, we put them through a pressed press, which pushes the letters down, ensuring that the letters will not fall off.

Our fantastic range of 4D car number plates is widely used in Porsche, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, General Motors, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Audi, BMW and many other vehicles. You can buy 4D number plates for any vehicle model.

4D Laser Cut Number Plates from £55.00

A truly custom finish in high gloss piano black is what you get. Make your number plates come alive with 4D acrylic number plates and be the envy of other motorists.

If you want your vehicle to look modern and elegant, try our custom 4D car number plates. Choose your preferred border, footer, and badge options to make your car number plates look elegant and unique.

Get 4D laser cut plates which we design and manufacture. They are unique and highly sophisticated. Choose from a wide array of car number plates and order them online. We ensure your products will be delivered to your address on time.

At Auto World Online, we offer car number plates that are sturdy and durable. Simply add it to your car and you’ll get a plush look for it. We endeavour to give an impressive finish to every plate we make.

Why Buy Number Plates From Auto World Online?

  • materials of high quality and service
  • Best customer service.
  • Guaranteed highest quality
  • Next-day delivery is available.
  • Supplier of DVLA Number Plates

Get 4D registration plates from us if you want to enjoy the best. To learn more, count on us today.

The Benefits of Buying 4D Registration Plates:

Now the question is, why should you buy 4D laser-cut plates? 4D gel number plates can be the perfect choice for you if you

Want everything fashionable?

4D letter number plates are for fashion freaks. If you love to be fashionable and show off your class, changing the interior of your car is not everything. You have to take special care of the exterior design of the car. For that, you don’t need to spend a lot. Just buy 4D gel number plates and stay fashionable.

I prefer to be legal:

The best part about buying 4D number plates online is that they are legal. That means now you can show off your style on the road without violating the road traffic rules. What do you want more? Whatever your reason is, we are here to give you the best.

Place your order online or simply book your 4D Number Plates by sending an email to or calling us at 01204 53 43 33. Please produce a copy of your driver’s licence while purchasing our best 4D number plates uk from Autoworld Online! Or Google us “4D number plates near me” to find us quickly.

Why Choose Us?

Highest Quality Guaranteed

We offer a huge range of 4D number plates made from premium quality materials.

DVLA Registered Number Plate Supplier

As UK’s most popular and trusted number plate maker, you can get your number plates made up online with us.

Quick Delivery

We offer a next day delivery service to your address, if you order before 11 am.

If you like our 4d number plate collections, then you will love our latest laser cut shaped plates. Including short plates and shaped motorbike plates.

We also now offer a Collection of over 500 different designs for you to browse and buy from our 3D number plates or 4D Number plates Collections. For more information check out our suffix and prefix number plates, or our dateless number plates pages. Our 4D neon plates and 4D Gel Plates would look amazing on one of these private registration marks.

If you would like to get in touch with Autoworld Online about our collection of 4D number plates and 4D reg Plates – then drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help you.

Stand out from the crowd

Here at Autoworld Online, we offer the very best 4D laser cut number plates to make your vehicle stand out in the crowd. All our number plates designs are made in-house using our latest CNC laser cutting machine which provides sharp, precise edges. There is a huge number of letter options available for our customers from 3D gel resin to 4D Krystal. About the plates themselves, we offer a tinted option and also custom shortened plates. For customise & bespoke orders, please contact us @ 01204 534 333 or email us or via you can leave your details on our contact page where our team will help you out!

4D Acrylic

Stand out from the crowd with Autoworld Online 4D plates! Our 4D letters are made from 3MM Acrylic, the latest CNC Laser cut for quality and precision. Available in Gloss Black or Carbon. We use premium adhesives and plastics so all 4D plates by Autoworld Online come with a Lifetime warranty.

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