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4D Private Reg Plates

A part of the 3D family, we make the 4D style number plates from 3mm black acrylic. Many have confusion if these plates are road legal. According to DVLA, a vehicle can sport 3D style number plates. 4D plates being a part of the extended 3D family, it is absolutely legal and MOT passable. 4D Private Reg Plates in UK have further changed with customizable options such as laser-cut, carbon gel, crystal, and glitter.

Follow DVLA Rules

The spacing between each character on your number plate needs to follow the rules set by DVLA, or else they will deem it illegal. Private 4D Reg Plates sometimes have fewer characters, but the spacing needs to be perfect at all times. DVLA has rules set for number plates and most of them still stand for 4D Private Reg Plates in UK. Car owners interested in this premium style plate must get them from licensed Number Plate Makers as a slight miss up may lead to a hefty penalty.

Fitting 4D Characters on Number Plates

As 4D and 3D characters are weighty, we cannot use regular adhesive to stick them on the plate. We paste all 4D style Private Reg Plates on the plate using a 3M tape. This adhesive is the best in its class. Talking about durability, well it is a guarantee the 4D characters will not fall off the plate.

Get Yourself a 4D Plate

Do you want to make your car stand out without investing a lot in modifications? Getting a 4D plate designed by Autoworld can get the magic done for you. We have all the variety of 4D styles on offer for you. Visit our website to get amazed by our affordable collections showcased for car lovers and car enthusiast. When there is a rule which allows one to be cool! Why not be one?

Buying Private Number Plates in the UK

Bespoke number plates are great to buy for a car owner who wants to give their car a personal touch or wants to buy it as an investment. If you are in the market for purchasing a personalised or a private number plate, you can do it through Autoworld. We are a retail outlet licensed by the DVLA to sell and make number plates. You can do it online on our website as we have a vast stock of private number plates through DVLA. You inform us the specifications of your requirement on your Private Number Plate, and we try the exact thing or the near best thing available.

Valid Documents Required

To buy your number plate, you will need all the supporting documents proving your identity and entitlement of your vehicle. Documents like V5C registration are a must for transfer of private number plates on a specific vehicle.

Why Buy From Autoworld

We are registered by DVLA to sell and make new number plates for car owners. Our services are affordable and effortless, making us the best in the market. Apart from the budget and the supporting documents, we ensure to make your Private Number Plate buying experience as sweet as possible with very little involvement. If you are buying for your vehicle or as a gift for someone we dedicate our experienced employees at your service, so you get the best private number plate which follows DVLA rules and an excellent investment for the future.

For All Your Number Plate Requirement

Have your number plates eligible at all times, so you do not fall in the trap of hefty fines by DVLA. Number plate fades over time and, you must replace them so, they are easily readable. For any issues with your old number plates like damaged plates, cracked number plates, faded ones, or obscured plates, please have them replaced at Autoworld at cost-effective prices. Don’t have finances for a private number plate? Not to worry, try out our 3D or 4D number plates to add that extra touch of glamour to your vehicle with your existing registration number.

Would You Invest Your Hard Earned Money to Buy Private Number Plates?

Car enthusiasts do incredible things to make their vehicle look unique. One such modification is to buy private number plates and make your car stand out among others. The craze for personalised number plates or private number plates has been on the increase for the last seven years. Some buy them to put them on their vehicle to make them look cooler, but the majority are buying them as an investment.

Private Number Plate……. What is it?

A privat number plate is a car registration plate where a set of alphabets or numbers make a meaningful or special text. This combination usually has high significance in the owner’s life and sometimes becomes a unique pattern and has a very high (in some cases extremely high) resale value. Example of unique private number plates:

  • 1
  • GB 1
  • F 1
  • I D

DVLA Rules When Buying Private Number Plates

  • When selecting personalised number plates you can choose for a variety of combinations. However, we have to be careful that the combination of alphabets and numbers does not make up for something rude or offensive. DVLA is strict on this issue and never approves such number plates.
  • DVLA never assigns a number plate to two or multiple owners. So you have to be sure that your number plate is not a duplicate one.
  • The car you want to have the private number plates on needs to be registered in the database.
  • Your Private Number Plate should display a year code which is older than the original date of your vehicle’s registration. You cannot have a current registration number on an older vehicle. You need to match your private number plate so that the year code on it is compatible with your car’s year of registration.
  • Once you Buy Private Number Plates you need to get them made from authorized number plate makers. When making your number plates, you cannot experiment with the text style, size, format, and colour. They have to be as per DVLA rules, which all allowed number plate makers need to follow.

Keeping Private Number Plates from Old Vehicle to New Vehicle.

When you sell your old vehicle, you can transfer your personalised number plate to your new car. There is a small fee involved, but that saves the pain of parting with your private number plate that you are so much attached to.

Autoworld Can Help

If you are interested to buy private number plates our experts can advise and assist you to get the best plates for you. We guarantee your number plate will follow all the DVLA rules and have great investment value. We will take the necessary headache and take care of the documentation for you.

Are You Buying Personalised Number Plates Online……… Beware of the Rules.

Just because you are buying personalised number plates online, it does not mean you can have anything on them. DVLA has a strict format of rules for private plates just as standard plates. If not followed either deliberately or accidentally, the fines can be very hefty. Please read further to understand the rules, so they do not catch you using an illegal set.

Spacing At the Right Place

Follow the spacing rules set by DVLA and don’t alter it according to your liking. Space has to be at the right place as in the format of two letters followed by two numbers, then space and then three letters. Please do not remove the space or add a space to your liking just to have your personalised plate sounds or looks better.

Use Legalised Badges

You cannot have any image on the badge section and have to only choose from the legalised badges allowed by DVLA for UK car owners. For example, the EU flag is mandatory for any vehicle travelling through Europe. The flags permitted by DVLA are:

  • Union Flag
  • Cross of St George
  • Cross of St Andrew
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Euro Flag

Note: Although these are the legal badges, they have a fixed colour and size.

Slogans On Your Plates

Wen you buy private number plates from a dealer, you will notice their business name on the bottom of the number plate. They do this for a bit of free advertisement. DVLA prefers the dealer’s name to be on the plate so it can hold them accountable if the number plate they made is not of the legal standard. You can still have your slogan if you wish, but it has to follow DVLA rules.

Shape and Size of Plates

There is a bit of relaxation regarding size and shape with DVLA, as they have legalised plates with different shapes for different car brands. But all front plates need to be white and the yellow at the back.


Valid Font is legal, and you cannot have any other font on your number plate. The length, width and the format are as below.

  • Characters must be 50mmx79mm (except for I/1), and 14mm thick.
  • Spaces of 11mm between each character.
  • Spaces in the format must be 33mm.
  • Margins at the top and bottom must be 11mm.

Heavy Fine Not Following Number Plate Rules

Invalidation of your MOT and a fine of up to £1,000 for not following the personalised number plate rules set by DVLA. Our advice is “Please follow the rules”.

Popular Fictional Number Plates And Their Prices

We bet you could name famous cars from movies from all these years, including Lady Penelope’s six wheeled Rolls Royce to the classic Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond.

But have you thought how much these car number plates would cost in the real world? Think no more, we have picked five fictional number plates and provided the real valuation for each of these.

FAB 1, Thunderbirds

Being a real aristocrat, this only makes sense that Lady Penelope would own a six-wheeled Rolls Royce with her chauffeur. Dipped- in bright pink, the car includes everything a woman may need including a machine gun and bulletproof glasses. Its real value was around 150,000 pounds.

OFP 857, Herbie

With the classic red white and blue stripes and number 53 painted on the front, sides and back, this 1963 Volkswagen Beetle drove itself across the screen since 1968 film, The Love Bug. The movie producer Robert Stevenson first worked with Disney in August 1957, and this is where the license plate comes from, first production 8 ’57. The number plate real value was 3000 pounds.

GEN 11, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Easily one of the famous cars of all times, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang first appeared on the screens in 1968 and was a fully functional road car with license GEN 11.

Do you know six cars in total got manufactured for the movie for each kind of transformation it could perform?  It includes flying and covering. The car’s value was 60,000 pounds.

ECTO 1, Ghostbusters

A retro classic in all sense, Ghostbusters, is home to the 1959 Cadillac modified into hearse or ambulance combination packed full of ghost- busting gadgets you could ever imagine. With enough space for the proton packs, ecto goggles and PKE meters, the car appeared to be perfect for the ghost -hunting crew. This wonder car number plate’s cost was 10,000 pounds.

JB 007, Gold Finger

The license plate got featured on a gorgeous Aston Martin D85 in the classic James Bond movie, Gold Finger. Drove by Sean Connery, the car became a cult and childhood classic for many movie buffs. It was also auctioned in London and raised about 2.6 million pounds showcasing the secret agent’s name, James Bond and his number 007.

Homologation Special : When Sports Cars Wear Private Number Plates

Many road-based sports cars turned into stripped out monsters to take on the race tracks and outgun the competitors.

Sometimes, the cars got designed for the world of motorsport that has found themselves homologomized for being road legal.

Let us look at some outstanding race cars ever to have had a pair of private number plate.

The Porsche

The Porsche 917 was never a car designed to sport number plates, but to dominate racetracks all over the world.

The car came with huge lightweight chassis and a flat-12 engine that purported to make 1200 horsepower. It seemed the car was ready to take on the world of sports cars.

But in the 1970s, it seemed the rules were lenient as to which cars could take on the highways. That is if you were as affluent as Count Rossi. After 917 got retired by Porsche in 1971, Count bought the ex-Martini racer from Porsche.

Making the interior less flashy, and with proper number plate, Count Rossi owned 917 for nearly three decades until he died in 2003.

McLaren F1 GTR

The McLaren F1 is one of the all-time great British cars, a technological marvel featuring a wealth of innovation and a stunning monocoque.

The GTR was the next level of evolution for an incredible car, and McLaren was successful in sports racing car with the F1 GTR. It was a car that hardly changed from its street- legal version.

However, some cars passed the DVLA registrations, though few who drive these Le Mans on the British roads, need to wear headphones to communicate with their passengers overboard on V12.

If you are looking for cheap private number plates for your McLaren F1, you may run out of luck since F1 and F1 GTR are taken and sell for several million if they ever hit the market.

Toyota GT-One

Most Toyota cars you see on the roads would surely be priced hatchbacks, saloons and cross-overs. Coming to the GT-One is not any ordinary Toyota. The one of a kind GT-One is a Le Mans racing car with a number plate at both ends and more comfortable seats.

As the way of the world, it gets hard to homologate a racing car for the road due to strict laws of car registration.

Private Number Plate On Lease Car – Is It Possible?

Searching for a number plate clearly says something about you. It’s a great deal of fun, once you have found the perfect number plate, find out if you can put it on your leased car.

Well, to cut it short, yes you can. But there are things that you need to consider before you plunge into buying number plates.

You can choose to have a plate before, or after, the car gets delivered. But since the DVLA quotes a six to eight week turnaround time, at busy times, most drivers get the car first and then change the number plate.

It is not difficult, though there is quite a lot of paperwork that gets involved.

Changing Private Registration Plate- How To Get Started?

To start the process, you must take the number plate off the car it’s on’ you can’t switch it over to your new vehicle, you must put it on to what is called the retention document.

Keep in mind, it is easier than it sounds and you can find all steps in the process of a government website.

Since the vehicle belongs to the finance provider, the finance company must provide the Nominee on the Certificate of Entitlement (form V750)

You then need to send it to the finance company, together with a note explaining what you are doing and a small admin fee, around £40 or £35. 

The finance company must acknowledge receipt and send the paper work to the DVLA, and next everything gets taken care of by DVLA.

After you have permission and authorization for using the personalized plate, you can proceed to get one made, if you haven’t made one already.

Don’t Get All Excited And Change The Number Plate Too Quickly

Remember, it is an offence to display a private registration until you have received confirmation from the finance company as well as the DVLA.

Apart from that, it is quite a straightforward process.

Lease Contract Ends- What Happens Now?

At the end of the lease contract when you want to change into another car and transfer the plate, it is probably the best to get the ball rolling a couple of months earlier. It would give you enough time before you change.

Humorous And Funny Number Plates You Cannot Ignore

Personalized number plates are becoming popular. But why? People want their cars to be different from others. Your vehicle will stand out if you have a unique number plate including, a naughty word or an eye-catching slogan.

Let us take a look at some of the best ones that you cannot ignore.


It is a genius idea for those who have passed their driving test, and it does put those unattractive plates to shame. Being proud of being a novice on the road, you have got to start somewhere!

Rather than infuriating others by your nature, you can take on the rude drivers by your number plate. No wonder, they would appreciate your efforts.


If you are a speedy Gonzales on the road, this number plate is so perfect for you. Enough said, witty, yet smart. It will surely make heads turn whenever you pass by them.


Do you suffer from road rage? Well, don’t curse others. Instead, try something outstanding. Give those aggressive drivers on the road a taste of their own medicine with this type of a number plate.

Moreover, with such number plates, you don’t need to beat around the bush. After all, there is nothing wrong with a bit of some light- hearted banter on the road.

CUP 111D

The number plate is for all charmers on the road. If you consider yourself s femme fatale, CUP 111D is just the perfect one for your car on the street or driveway.

There are so many varieties of funny number plates out, all that you need to do is, put on your thinking cap. Find out and buy your personalized number plate and gift your car something special.


Along with funny number plates, there are some simple and tasteful ones, too. This happy go lucky plate would complement a fun and quirky car model and would be perfect for your vintage car or any car with a happy person behind the wheels.


The phrase that swept the nation- add as many a’s and s’ as deemed necessary. Used for expressing enthusiastic support, excitement and celebrations. Be unique with this kind of number plates.

Choose whichever you want and play with the number plate.

When A Car Gets Scrapped What Happens To The Number Plate?

You may not have thought about what happens to a number plate when the car gets scrapped until you have faced it. You may be surprised to find out that the registration plate dies within your vehicle. There is no way of bringing the number plate back into circulation unless done legally.

The reason why the number plate dies with the car is because it helps identify a vehicle. You can associate number plates with a specific vehicle. When that vehicle gets destroyed, the plate gets destroyed with it.

Can You Keep A Number Plate If The Car Gets Scraped?

Of course, you can keep the personalized number plate even after scrapping your car. The DVLA mentions you may take customized number plates off a vehicle if you want to. You can either store it for later use or assign it to another car.

However, you must ensure that you have proper vehicles logbook and apply for it. If you get the car scrapped without acceptance, you may lose the right to the personalized plate.

What If Your Number Plate Gets Stolen?

It may not have happened to you, but you would be surprised to find out how common number plate theft is, whether it is standard plates or customized plates.

Number plates can be worth enough money even though they may not appear like it. The most expensive ones ever sold was priced £7,000,000, and was the number ‘1.

If your number plate gets stolen, you must always report to it to the DVLA and the police as soon as you can. It is because the thief can end up racking speeding fines and penalties.

What Happens When The Plate Is Written Off?

If your car gets written off, unfortunately, the number plate will be written off, too. It is because of the specific number plate assigned to a particular vehicle.

However, in many cases, you need to buy back the plate from your insurer or go through paperwork with the DVLA to get back the number.

Lamborghini Number Plates – What Looks Good On It?

Lamborghini manufactures some of the best sports cars on the market. Of course, you want the best number plate for yours to match up with its look.

You have different styles of number plates that give you enough option when accessorizing the car. Want to try a new look? Try out 3D gel plates for your car.

But if you dream of a look that would draw attention and be unique-you can surely opt for the 4D 5mm with the plate shortened.

It combines a minimalist look from the short plate, with a crystal style not found on many cars. No wonder, it would surely stand out from the competitors. If you own a Lamborghini, you must ensure it looks different and there is no better way than playing with the number plate.

Number Styles To Play With

If you are running a front plate on your car, the experts suggest going for a short plate with the same style or sourcing a sticker plate. No matter what type you choose for your Lamborghini, it is best to pick the number plate that compliments your car. Avoid overdoing it with a flashy or fancy number plate.

All you can do is play with the font such as adding something witty. However, experts suggest keeping it simple. Choose whether you need for front or rear and order from the best number plate maker.

Do you know some people unknowingly use fake number plates on their Lamborghini and regret later? You sure don’t want to be one of them, right? So, if you want the best, you need to pick the best manufacturer.