Fun Facts About Car Number Plates

For most people, a number plate is one of the less noticeable features of a car with the only real acknowledgement being when you notice a comical or rude plate. However, a number plate can tell you a lot about the history of a car and in fact, have a rather fascinating history. Here we’ll be discussing some of the lesser-known, interesting and fun facts about number plates!

Eight Amazing Facts About Number Plates

  1. Famous singer Robbie Williams is a big fan of custom number plates which is why he owns ‘S8RRY’ as a way of apology to his fans for spending so much money on his Ferrari!
  2. The most expensive number plate ever sold by the DVLA is ‘25 O’ which was bought by Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014. Since that time the plate has been displayed on a Ferrari once owned by Eric Clapton that is estimated to be worth over £10 million!
  3. The ’25 O’ plate was sold for a whopping ‘£518,000’!
  4. As expected, the number ‘1’ plate is the most sought after and most expensive number plate in every country.
  5. The first number plate issued in the UK was in 1903 and ‘A1’ was the first registered number plate from London County Council to Earl Russell for his Napier car.
  6. Currently, there are over 45 million private number plates in the UK!
  7. Due to a loophole in California law, Steve Jobs never had a number plate on his car! If you purchase a brand-new car, you have six month to fix a number plate to your vehicle and so every six months Jobs would trade his car for an identical model.
  8. Comedian Harry Tate was the first celebrity to purchase a personalised number plate of ‘T 8’. It is now owned by one of the owners of the Tate and Lyle Sugar Company.


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