How to Get Car Windows Blacked Out And How Much It Costs

Window tinting undeniably enhances the look of any vehicle, but it is much more than an aesthetic choice. Car window tints help to keep your car cool throughout the year whilst effectively protecting your interior from fading and becoming cracked from sun exposure.

But more worryingly, spending time in a vehicle that hasn’t had window tinting leaves you exposed to skin damage from Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation. Whilst the front windscreen is generally pre-treated with UV protection, the side and rear windows are not. Tinting is a quick, efficient and affordable solution to each of these problems.

The tinting process begins by carefully removing the interior of the car door to ensure it is not damaged by the application process. The window is then cleaned and sprayed with soapy water before the lightweight tinted screen is gently pressed onto the glass.

Any bubbles that appear underneath the film are lightly pressed out using straight-edged tools. A heat gun is then applied to the film to allow it to shrink and stick to the glass. To finish, the edges of the overlapping tinted film are shaved away to leave a smooth and professional finish.

Autoworld provides customers with a professional window tinting service at competitive prices starting from just £98. With over 10 years’ experience, their industry specialists can ensure your windows are tinted to the highest standard.

The quality of work should be almost indistinguishable from factory privacy glass, as premium quality tinting film is used on every vehicle to guarantee it bonds to your windows. All work is provided with a lifetime guarantee and is thoroughly checked during and post-installation as well as directly before being handed back to you. Autoworld is trusted by vehicle owners such as Lexus, BMW, Audi, Honda and others as the preferred automobile window tinting installer in the North West of England. 

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