Restore Your Alloy Wheels to their Former Glory

At Autoworld, we can come to your assistance if you need repair services for your alloy wheels. Our alloy wheel repair services are designed to restore your wheels back to their former glory and get your vehicle looking great again.

Our premium alloy wheel refurbishment and refinishing services allow you to avoid future damage, with our pioneering equipment allowing us to restore any kind of alloy wheels. These wheels are purchased for a range of reasons and offer obvious aesthetic improvements whilst improving the way your car handles.

The latest techniques

We can even help you if your wheels have been met with heavy corrosion or have special finishes. We use the very latest techniques and methods to deliver the best outcome possible, making the most of innovative powder coating technology.


Our alloy wheel refurbishment specialists can work on your rims and wheel whilst your tyres are retreaded in the background. Alloy wheels can be susceptible to various types of damage, but smart repairs can help you overcome things like kerbing, chipping and cracking. Paint can be removed and refinished by trusted professionals after damage occurs.

Restoring the look of your wheels

We lead the way when it comes to refinishing and refurbishing imperfections with your wheels. Our services can add value to your car and make it a better vehicle to drive, with same-day services being available.

Whether you need split rim repairs, colour-coding services or anything else, we can boost the appearance of your wheels and return them to factory standards.

You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about our alloy wheel refurbishment services, so why not get in touch today? You can reach us on 01204 53 43 33 or by sending a message to or Alternatively, use the contact form on our site.




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