Show Plates – What Should You Know?

Show Plates - What Should You Know

These days, there are many witty and unusual registration plates used on cars for various situations. Such car plates are called show plates. You can use these plates on cars for different occasions and reasons.

Typically, you can find show plates in car show rooms and at car shows. Sometimes, you will spot them on TV programmes too if the car won’t leave the film studio. Classic cars at times, don’t get driven but have show plates still attached. These are often exhibited at competitions or kept in museums for display.

What Benefits Do They Have?

The main benefit of show plates is that it’s just for show.  You cannot use these legally on roads. The number plates doesn’t need to be compliant with stringent restrictions surrounding spacing, letter size, font and margin depth.

Show plates can have different backgrounds and can use creative fonts with altered spacing. You can also use logos and colours that make these plates a smart choice. In other words, you get to personalize the show plates just as you want to.

Are Show Plates Just For Cars?

Some businesses use show plates as signage. These companies have a good connection with auto trade and keep such plates on display in their décor. Show plates are even popular in man caves or bedrooms as decoration.

Are Show Plates Different From Private And Personalized Plates?

Show plates are very creative, but you cannot these on roads. On the other hand, private and personalized number plates are legal and similar.

People often think personalized plates are the ones having the car owner’s name and initials. But these too are private number plates.

Personalized and private plates need to be compliant with the UK laws and are road legal.

What Does It Mean By Off Road Use?

You cannot use show plates on public roads in the UK. Legally, the highway extension includes private roads and car parks. Earlier, people could teach driving in car parks. However, these days that’s not possible without displaying learner plates.

The number plate should be compliant legally if you want to drive in any of the above areas.

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