People feel that car accessories are highly-priced in the showroom, so they tend to buy them from the outside market. Often, the companies charge a premium for their merchandise, and there is no scope for a bargain. At the same time, you can purchase small auto parts from the outside market. Nevertheless, it doesn’t guarantee the product authenticity.

Some of the electronic installations are complex. For a sunroof, fog lamps, or tire monitoring, you better go for showrooms because of warranties and reliability matter. Let us compare the two options, and then you can decide what is best for you.

  • The dealers may not be authorized.
  • They can make you fool by their gimmicks.
  • Do not go for unnecessary accessories whoever insists you do so.
  • Compare the price but do not forget to check the quality.
  • Side molding is something you should always purchase from the showroom.
  • For garnish, a showroom is undoubtedly a better option.

However, be smart and avoid being fair game to the car salesman of a showroom. Sometimes a salesman says things like, car accessories installation from the showroom is mandatory, or insurance has to be bought from them only. They can even motivate you by saying that you need to buy an extended warranty and so on.

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