Car Brakes

Car brakes and brake parts in Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Wigan.


We offer a wide range of car parts such as batteries, filters, clutch friction, hydraulics, fuel and engine management, lubricants and fluids, lighting, service parts, mirrors etc. We deal with all types of car parts, and all you just need to do is tell your problem, and we will resolve it instantly.

Drum brakes play key role in providing safe journey and maintaining the stability of vehicle during braking. Drum brakes are cost-effective solution for rear braking and they allow simple incorporation of a parking brake.

Brake pads, especially front ones, are one of the most important elements of braking system on your car.
Front brake pads are generating almost 70% of stopping force during the vehicle braking and because of that they are basic for safe and comfortable drive.

Brake shoe is the part of the braking systems that is located at the wheels and carry the brake lining. With the rest of the elements of braking system they provide quick and effective braking for safe drive.

Brake disks are providing vehicle speed reduction under the huge mechanical and thermal load. In combination with brake pads they are generating brake force needed for safe and comfortable slowing and stopping vehicle.

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