Car Maintenance Service

54-Point Car Service and Mini Valet

If it’s proving laborious to get Fast and Furious, it might be time to get a check-up…

We’re offering you a 54-point car service with an optional mini valet.

It’s easy to forget that your car once ran perfectly and like a dream. If you’re too used to dismissing the kinks and quirks of your car, why not remind yourself of how flawless driving can be with a 54 car point service which will check the inner workings and help restore your car to its former glory. The service will look at and replace the engine oil, oil, and air filter if required. Once your car’s inners are back to its best, why not make its exterior is equally as flawless? Upgrade to include a mini valet and drive off feeling like a real easy rider once again.

A good garage will follow a service checklist and give you a copy of that completed checklist as a confirmation of a job well done. Here at Autoworld, we understand how important your vehicle is to you and therefore we provide you with a vehicle check sheet so you can see the condition of the vehicle yourself. Our service technicians are ‘The Good Garage Scheme’ approved and will carry out your service incorporating the Industry Standard Service Checklist.

Cars can be spruced-up with a service to make sure the inner workings are running smoothly, with an optional valet to restore some shine. The appointment will include the replacement of engine oil and the oil and air filter to help motors stay lubricated and cool.

Highlights of 54-point car service

  • Keep your motor running with 54-point car service from Autoworld
  • Thorough service will be carried out by friendly, qualified professionals
  • Service checks to ensure inner workings are running smoothly throughout summer
  • Your motor’s air filter and engine oil*
  • Upgrade to include a mini valet
  • Open Monday-Saturday from 9am-6pm
  • Based in beautiful Bolton

We also provide car part supplies, vehicle maintenance, valeting, personalised car number plates, car audio service, alloy wheel refurb, and vehicle window tinting.