Car Parts

We offer a long range of car parts. You just need to tell your problem, and we will resolve it instantly. Our provided car parts are genuine.

GS Battery

We install and sell only GS batteries. They are Japanese batteries. We know that for your vehicle or bike, GS is the only approved original equipment battery. Specifically, GS Premium has been very popular among our customers. GS Premium is suitable and dependable for all types of cars. Similarly, GS MF Battery is also popular. If you want to minimize water loss, this battery is suitable because it is designed with Water trap Filter Design technology.


For different types of driving such as autocross, pulling, road race, drift, drag, street, our provided clutches are highly reliable. Our clutches are with high-performance organic lining, and they offer long-life and smooth engagement.


The momentum of a car is very important; when you start, slow, or stop, your car the momentum is lost. But with our flywheels, you save this energy by storing. Even trains, buses, and power plants are taking advantage of this technology.

Cooling and Heating

Cooling and heating are the most important part of a vehicle. To control them or maintain them different types of equipment and technology such as water pumps, intercoolers, heater parts, radiators, thermostats, hoses, switches and sensors, and air-conditioning are used.


We have set up a research department. The goal of the department is to evaluate, research, and develop advanced engines of vehicles. This type of engine can reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by controlling nitrogen oxides and particulate matter (PM). In this regard, we install the following, in your vehicle:performance-accessories

  • Slave Cylinder
  • Master Cylinder
  • Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Brake Hoses
  • ABS Pumps
  • Fluid Reservoirs
  • Clutch Hoses
  • Air and Fuel Pumps
  • Caliper Slide Kit
  • CSC

Brake Friction

Drum brake lining and disc brake pads are two important types of friction materials. The coefficient of friction works with braking force. Our provided brake friction materials such as caliper slide kit, brake disks, brake shoes, brake fitting kits, brake drums, wheel speed sensor, tire pressure sensor, and pads are highly reliable for your utmost safety.


There are three main groups of automotive cables single core, sheathed, and twisted types. Autoworld has great experience and expertise in cable providing and installing to your vehicles. Our customers’ requirements for quality, innovation, delivery time, and flexibility have always been our priority. We deliver all types of cables such as speedo cables, accelerator cables, brake cables, choke cables, clutch cables etc.


When a car runs, in the combustion chamber, it burns fuel and air. This process releases six different types of harmful gases nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide etc. These emissions of harmful gases are controlled through the car exhaust system. Apart from the removal of gases, the exhaust system is to keep quiet the unbearable noises of combustion and to improve the efficiency of your car.

The exhaust system is comprised of different pipes and chambers. Every car has an exhaust system and eight-cylinder vehicles have two exhaust system.

Engine Parts

To provide genuine and reliable engine parts to our valuable clients is our duty. We provide the following engine parts:

  • Breather Caps & Hoses
  • Mounting & Bushes
  • Timing Chains
  • Gaskets & Seals
  • Dampers & Pulleys
  • Sump Plugs and Washers
  • Timing Belts
  • Drive & Fan Belts
  • Timing Belt Kits

Fuel & Engine Management

Fuel and engine management require great expertise because they save your money. If they are managed wrongly the you may have to pay extra every month. Autoworld has developed a team of highly professional technicians to look after your related problems and install important parts such as fuel injection parts, caps and sender units, fuel pumps, and carburetor parts to control your fuel consumption and manage your engine’s efficiency.

Ignition Parts

The most overlooked accessories are ignition parts. People do not understand their significance and think that timing of ignition and turning the ignition on are the only two elements. But it is not as simple as it seems. To ignite the air/fuel mixture, the strength of the spark is required. Specifically, when you get your car modified to pass more air into the engine, the spark of the ignition becomes weak and does not respond effectively. We keep in mind such problems and always work to make customers satisfy. We use quality ignition leads, spark plugs, glow plugs, and other ignition parts. Therefore, even in the cold season, your car starts easily.


Lights and bulb must be very efficient to avoid an accident. They help to see you in darkness or night and they help the other drivers to avoid an accident with your vehicle. Therefore, installation of the quality lighting system is essential as a safety measure.

Lubricants & Fluids

The most inexpensive service of routine service is changing the oil of your vehicle. Though its cost is low, yet it plays a significant role to enhance the working of your engine. In a modern internal combustion of the engine, engine oil performs three functions: smooth working of all components, helping heat draw away, and preventing accumulation of carbon and varnishes. We offer brake fluids, coolant fluids, engine oils, and transmission oils for improving the consistency and efficiency of your vehicle.

Roof Bars

Of any load carrying system, roof bars play supporting function because everything is joined to them. Hence, to buy a quality system, for safety reasons, is essential. It saves you and your vehicle from any damage.

Mirror & Glass

Our great experience in auto glass repair gives us confidence while our customers are highly satisfied. We replace your side mirrors, back view mirrors, and other glasses with quality and similar glass. You just need to leave this matter to us.

Steering & Suspension

The working together of different components such as stability, stopping, and steering helps in avoiding accidents. The suspension systems and steering systems not only provide you a comfortable ride but also they are very important safety measures. You can come directly to us if you feel any steering and suspension problem. Our experts check the fluid level of your power steering, leakage, the tension of the power steering pump belt, uneven tire wear, shocks and cracks, and vehicle bounce. We install in your vehicle shock absorbers, mounting and bushes, joints and kits, coil springs, steering rack boots, steering pumps, and leaf springs.


The major component, in your vehicle, is the transmission. Nowadays, transmission is comprised of computer-controlled electronic and sophisticated hydraulics components. This mechanical component transmits power from the engine to drive axle for providing power to wheels. Whether your car has a manual transmission or automatic transmission system, our technicians can resolve all your problems quickly and effectively. Our installed wheel bearing kits, CV boot kits, CV joints, coupling and UJ’s, and drive-shafts are excellent and reliable.


Though, generally, you do not give required importance to your wipers except cleaning them sometimes, yet they are a major component of the safety and cleaning of your car. Do not forget to change them when they are not working adequately. Rain, storm, and snow falling can hit your vehicle anytime.


If you need any accessory such as spare wheels, performance accessories, mobile power, interior, exterior mirror, vehicle security, styling, all types of covers etc, you can contact us. Our provided accessories have quality and long-lasting life.

Many people spend much of their time in their vehicles. Moreover, people with kids understand the importance of cleanliness and safety. The fabric of your vehicle gets dirty very soon. But we know the trick and have the expertise to meet all your cleanliness and security needs.

Air Fresheners

You can decorate your vehicle with our offered stylish vehicle interior products. On one hand, they will improve the life and look of your vehicle and on the other hand, they will keep clean the interior. Our offered air fresheners are available in different fragrances and they have a long-lasting effect. Moreover, apart from aerosol, and air wick, you can decorate your car with Californian scents, jelly belly, character, novelty, magic tree, and type S. Thus, you can achieve both fragrance and decoration together.


We offer different types of interior accessories, and child safety products. Your steering wheel may require a stylish leather skin that can make it comfortable and keep it clean from sweat and dirt.


We also offer different types of covers such as car covers, caravan covers, spare wheel covers, seat covers, mats, and motorcycle covers to protect your vehicle from dirt, sunshine, rain and storm.

Maintenance and Workshop

Apart from car accessories and parts, we also maintain your car. In this regard, our expertise is the best. With different teams of electricians, technicians, and mechanics, we are able to give your car an infinite life!

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is very important to make your life easy. The four most important parts of your vehicle are oil, brake pads, air filters, and tires. You can get frustrated if you are far from a vehicle maintenance shop and your car encounters a problem. It is significant to bring your vehicle to any auto service and have it checked on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis. These types of maintenance measure save you from any incident and accident.

Following is the list of very important parts of your vehicle that you must have checked regularly:

  • Air condition of the car must work properly, specifically when you live in hot region
  • At every 40,000 to 100,000 miles, cooling system must be flushed and refilled
  • At every 60,000 to 100,000 miles or in 5 to 8 years, timing belt should be changed
  • At every 60,000 to 100,000 miles or in 5 to 8 years, hoses and belts must be changed
  • At every 12,000 to 24,000 miles, wheel alignment must be checked
  • At every 24,000 to 100,000 miles, wheel alignment must be checked
  • At every 24,000 to 100,000 miles, air filters must be replaced
  • When brake oil is changed brake must be inspected
  • Wheel balance must be checked after every 3 months
  • On monthly basis, tire pressure and lights ought to be checked
  • After every 3000 to 5000 miles, chassis lubrication must be checked