Even if you have seen distinctive number plates with special graphics, oddly-sized characters and interesting fonts, these are not actually legal as they compromise the visibility of number plates. When characters and fonts make number plates unidentifiable it becomes harder to hold people to account or locate them when they have been involved in accidents or criminal activity. Standard fonts and character spacing need to feature on your plates if they are to be legal. You cannot opt for religious symbols, background designs or sports emblems.

Only the font known as ‘Charles Wright 2001’ can be used on number plates. Letters need to be 79mm high and 50mm wide, aside from the number ‘1’ and the letter ‘I’. Each character stroke needs to be 14mm wide. Characters in the same grouping must be 11mm apart and groups 33mm apart. Front plates need to have a white background and black characters. Rear plates also need black characters but a yellow background.

There are some alterations you may be able to make, including 3D effect typefaces and a coloured but non-reflective border. If your car is one of the few still on the road that was made before 1973, you will be able to show the old black plates. There are also national emblems you can show on a blue panel.

You can’t opt for a number plate that might make people think your vehicle is newer than it is, though you can use an older plate on a newer vehicle. If you have any questions, it’s always wise to speak to a specialist so you can avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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