The very nature of trends is to evolve constantly. While some evergreen trends carry on for several years, most trends change from year to year in every business sector. The automobile enterprise is no exception to this rule.

Find out all the new car trends that are likely to take the industry by storm in 2021.

Path-breaking Colour Combinations

Every year, new and exciting palettes take over the automobile industry. This year, warm and earthy tones are causing quite the stir. Dark slate grey, light grey-green, golden beige – these are some popular tones. Two-tones are also catching up, big names like Land Rover and BMW are also using them.

Biometric Access

We expect several vehicles to have biometric access this year, which means it would require physical aspects like fingerprint, retina, or face scan to unlock a car. Hyundai was the first car to go completely keyless with biometric security with their 2019 Santa Fe model. Since then, several brands have followed suit, such as Jaguar Land Rover.

Electrical Engines

This is one trend which has carried forward from the past years. But it is now popular than ever before. It is not only cheaper on the pockets as it requires no fuel, but it is also the most sustainable transportation option. In 2021, you can expect seeing more affordable EVs than ever before, like the Skoda Citigo-e or Smart EQ Fortwo EV.

Virtual Assistants

Once again, having virtual assistants in cars is not a new trend. However, in 2021, this feature is likely to go through the roof with new updates and additions. A wider range of cars might get even more advanced AIs such as Google, Apple, and Amazon. Toyota did it first in 2019 by adding Amazon’s Alexa to one of their newer models, followed by BMW.

These are some highly expected trends that cars are likely to see in 2021. Keep an eye out for new releases by your trusted brands to know more about these features.

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