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In order to keep your windshield clear you rely on your windshield wipers, but what about what powers them? The windshield wiper motor is the all-important part that sends the blades into motion and enables you to drive in low visibility situations, such as inclement weather.

A window wiper linkage is part of the mechanism used to remove rain or debris from the windscreen of the vehicle.
The wiper linkage is connected to the wiper motor which provides the power to rotate and move the arms of the wiper to remove the excess water
Keeping your windshield clean will require a fully working washer pump, a component that spurts a cleaning solution onto the windshield wipers to really remove dust, fog, and stubborn grime.
If your washer pump malfunctions, it should be replaced ASAP because of its crucial role or part in maintaining superb road visibility.

A windshield wiper is one of the most familiar of automotive accessories. Wipers are used to clean vehicle windshields to give drivers a clear, unobstructed view of the road ahead no matter what the weather. Most of us couldn’t imagine our cars without wipers.