Alloy wheel scuffs and scrapes and are an infuriatingly common occurrence. Such damage – even negligible in nature – can blow the resale value of your car, with car salesmen often paying particular interest to the condition of wheels when valuing a car for part exchange. So, if you want to retain the dazzling beauty of your car’s wheels you must call Number Plate Clinic for a complete Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Manchester.

Our wheel refurbishment specialists know how to conduct the wheel check-up process, meticulously and efficiently. We cater for almost all major popular forms of alloy wheels. We use all the most updated tools and materials to get the refurbishment work done perfectly. We know how to match the colour and finish so that your car’s wheels get a new look altogether.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Manchester – How we work

  • We first inspect the alignment of each wheel and fix the get them rightly aligned if required.
  • We then check the condition of tyres and make sure they are not seriously damaged. If required we do replace the tyre tubes as well.
  • We make sure that the alloy wheels get the lost shiny look so that your car looks smarter than ever.
  • By using smart wheel refurbishment tools and materials, we bring back the lost glamour of wheels in no time.
  • We also conduct minor to major wheel repair work to ensure you don’t meet up with any accident.

For us, restoring wheels’ initial look matters a lot. We understand that the task is not easy. But you get every alloy wheel parts in our online store that can be used for the restoration purpose. Do, call us or simply choose the alloy wheel format or design. We will get them fixed. Our technicians are trained in using all the state-of-the-art tools and wheel restoration techniques to meet our clients’ needs. We guarantee you the highest standard of work and complete client contentment.

Why would you choose Number Plate Clinic?

Right from Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Manchester to colour coding services, we are always enthusiastic to provide you with ultimate solutions. We work constantly to enhance your vehicle’s look and performance. We only use alloy wheel items of high standards. Visit us for same-day service and drive your car back with confident and pride.

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