You may not even think about it, but damaging your alloy wheels can be as easy as shooting a fish in a barrel. Kerbs are the typical culprit, but road salt and even regular cleaning with inappropriate cleaning tools and the wrong cleaner can cause damage time.

Improper handling of the wheels may corrode the alloys, dings, and dents may appear from kerb damage, paint finishes and coverings may flake and peel, making the once appealing wheel look old and tattered.

How to go about damaged wheels?

  • Live with it- Wear and tear happen regularly, right? So, you can wait for it to get wholly damaged so you can buy new ones altogether.
  • Attempt to fix it yourself- If living with it is not an option for you, it is better to fix it yourself. You can get the supplies from a nearby store and carry out your DIY fixation.
  • Hire a service provider- If both the options mentioned above are not for you, the best option is to take your car to a repair shop or get in touch with a wheel refurbishment service provider to take care of your wheels.

When you decide to go for a professional alloy wheel refurbishment, all you have to do is get in touch with the best service providers, work out the quote with them, and sit back comfortably while the job gets done.

Alloy wheel refurbishment cost

Most professional wheel technicians will easily be able to match the existing finish with no problem. The cost involved in getting your alloy wheel refurbished depends on several factors, including:

  • The alloy used in making the wheel
  • The design of the alloy wheel (standard or diamond cut)
  • The original paint finish
  • The extent of the damage

Your location also varies the quote, but not significantly. It is best to contact a service provider and get the details.

Nothing quite gives your car the oomph like an excellent set of alloy wheels, so if you have damaged wheels, get them repaired soon and ride your car with pride.

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