Buying a new car? That’s great news for you and your family. But don’t you think an ordinary car will get lost in the fleet of thousands when takes on the road? This is, in fact, is a problem that almost every car owner faces.

More so, because almost all of them what the car to stand apart from other cars. So how can you make your car unique? Custom plates Birmingham is something you can avail of.

Your own name on the car’s number plate

You may have heard, “what’s in a name”, but that’s not true when it comes to customizing the car. It’s your name with which everyone knows you.

What if your car has your imprinted on it? Getting it on the car might not be the best idea. But you can always get a private number plate that bears your name.

However, when you do that, ensure it’s a combination of alphabets and numbers. Turn a few alphabets to numbers. For instance, you can change A in your name to 4 or an E to 3, although it appears inverted.

At times, even half of the name on the number plate can look amazing in the number plate at times. Interestingly, you can personalize your car number plate with custom plates.

Get an important date on the number plate

When is your anniversary? Or birthday? These are surely among the most important dates of your life. Why not get these etched on the vehicle that you drive? Rather, on its number plate? It can be a great idea.

It’s not at all difficult to get a specific date as the subject of the custom plates Birmingham of your car. That’s because,on a date, you already have both- the numbers and alphabets.

So, all you need to do is just get a number plate that shows the specific date registered from the DVLA and get it attached to your car.


Finally, you can also add phrases such as ANV or DOV for anniversary and date of birth, respectively. This can really be a perfect way to remember the events of the day and keep it fresh on your mind.

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