Of course we think so, but we’re a little biased! Private registrations are the ultimate personalisation option for your car, and some can present great investment opportunities too!

Yes, motorcycles, Quad Bikes & mopeds can participate freely in the registration transfer scheme.

Yes, you can! When you buy a number plate from us it usually does not need to be assigned to the vehicle straight away. You can set a Nominee or Change a Nominee even after you have purchased.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT Rules regarding personalised / Cherished registrations is that you CANNOT make a vehicle look newer than it is.

As the transfer fee is paid upfront when acquiring a certificate, there is no further charge to assign the registration to a vehicle i.e it’s ‘free’ to apply online or by post.

No. Most personalised number plates can be supplied on a certificate. Once you have the certificate, you will have until the certificate’s expiry date (usually 10 years from when you buy it) to transfer the personalised number plate to a vehicle of your choice.

You can purchase a private registration following the link below off our website

You can buy a registration within 60 seconds once you have found on that suits you. once you buy it we get the retention certificate posted out to you within 5-10 working days

The prices for private / cherished number plates can start from £249, and can go up to tens of thousands of pounds – in rare cases, even hundreds of thousands.

How do personalised number plates work? Personalised number plates are a way of making your car more individual or Personalised to you or a loved one. You’ll usual find you pay extra money to have your own choice of numbers and letters on the registration – usually a phrase, slogan or initials that mean something to you. You may be a lucky or unique individual to find a perfect plates for £249

If you are buying a number plate and you want it transferred onto your vehicle straight away then you will need to provide the following documents:

  • The original of the vehicle’s most recent V5C Registration Certificate, sometimes known as the logbook (in the purchasers name or nominees name)
  • Details of current MOT test certification (if applicable). We do not need your actual MOT certificate.
  • Details of your current road TAX

If you are buying a number plate and would like to put it on a vehicle at some later date:

No documents are required initially. You will need the documents mentioned above when you do come to transfer your number plate onto your intended vehicle.

You have 2 options:

  1. You may choose to pay the Department for Transport retention fee (currently £80) and retain the number. This means that the number will be transferred onto a certificate that you can later use to put that number plate onto another vehicle.


  1. You can choose not to keep the old number. If you do not retain the number on a certificate as described above, or transfer it to another vehicle, then it will be lost when you receive your amended V5C showing your new registration. When you receive your new V5C showing the new registration, you must remove the old number plates and display the new number.


There is no automatic right to a cancellation. Please refer to our terms for full details https://www.autoworldonline.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

Generally, the age and novelty of a number plate are the principal factors governing its value. Lesser Character plates tend to command a higher price and also tend to be rarer since there are less of them available.




YES! Just email and WhatsApp up with the new price and we will update any people who have had interest in your reg

Yes you can sell a Private Plate as long as you own the Registration, To sell the private plate you will have to ensure its on retention and you have the V750 also known as the retention slip

Yes We do! But please don’t be offended when we offer you. Contact Us

WE NEVER GUARANTEE A SALE! Until we get a deposit We will make every effort to contact you with all offers, even if they are less than the agreed price. Upon finding a buyer NumberPlateClinic will contact you to request the documents necessary for completion of the transfer.

We do not offer a part exchange or swap option, but we can advertised your number plate. If you would like us to advertise your number plate for you, you will need to get a valuation from us.

Generally, the age and novelty of a number plate are the principal factors governing its value. Older plates tend to command a higher price and also tend to be rarer since there are less of them.

We can sell a plate within 24hours if its a soon after reg. But generally with anything for sale there is no estimated time to sell a plate.

Yes we can! We / who ever has valued the plate may not make you happy but we may be proven wrong and are happy to list it for more. JUST ASK!

No. If the registration document states that the registration number is non-transferable, then it cannot be transferred or retained on certificate.

Before selling your car you need to put your Cherished plate / Private reg on retention and obtain a V750 / retention slip

It depends on how we are supplying the number plate to the person buying it. If the person buying your number plate is having it transferred onto their vehicle then you will be paid when DVLA says that the number plate transfer has been completed. If the person buying your number plate is having it transferred onto a certificate then you will be paid when we receive the new certificate from DVLA correctly showing the purchaser as the nominee. We are able to pay you via bank transfer




You will need your Logbook (in your name or nominees name) and also you V750 and then this can be changed over via DVLA

Within minutes of you completing the online transfer.

Transfer is a matter of taking it off one car and putting it on retention and then waiting for the V750 document and only then can you put it on another vehicle


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Paul Daley
Paul Daley
Autoworld were fantastic today. 2 years ago had my reg plate upgrades here. One of my letters fell off the W . Replaced for free with a smile. Excellent customer service. Thankyou Air world. PD
Hina Mistry
Hina Mistry
My 1 was pulled off my plate luckily I found it they stuck it back on and was very friendly thanks so much great customer service
Jeanette Lord
Jeanette Lord
Brilliant service from here, my boyfriend absolutely made up with his new 3d plates, brilliant price too, they also fitted them for us as well, got me a few brownie points, 👌😂. Will deffo purchase again, thank you 👌


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