There was a time when people accepted alloy wheels as a luxury addition to any vehicle. However, with more cost-effective ways to manufacture alloy wheels in recent times, there has been notable growth in the number of vehicles sold with alloy wheels as standard.

As a consequence, Number Plate Clinic has observed expeditious growth in demand for alloy wheel refurbishment. Alloy wheels are susceptible to damage, and unfortunately, kerbed and scuffed alloys are a part of driver’s daily battles. Fortunately, there’s a way to repair the damage conveniently and cost-effectively.

At Number Plate Clinic, we make an immaculate alloy wheel refurbishment possible. We offer painted alloy wheel, and diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment and provide private and trade customer service. We boast several things, including:

  • Our breadth of experience has helped us gain expertise, and we perform each task with the utmost professionalism.
  • We carry out compliance checks and quality checks to guarantee excellence. The skilled technicians at Number Plate Clinic carry out alloy wheel refurbishment to the highest standard, ensuring that they keep looking appealing.
  • We offer an alloy color facility. In most cases, we finish the repair work using the same color to give it a touch of the original color. We also provide a wide range of colors for alloy wheels so our customers can customize their wheels according to their preferences.
  • We believe in being fair when the pricing is of concern. The costs usually vary depending on the wheel type (standard wheel rates differ from the diamond cut wheel). The customer’s location also affects the pricing, but you can rest assured that we offer the most reasonable prices. You can get an absolutely free, no-obligation quote on our website.
  • A 1-year warranty backs our quality work as we use only the best quality products.
  • We are dealer approved and a trusted name in Manchester.

With state-of-the-art tools, exceptional quality service, and competitive prices, Number Plate Clinic has successfully attracted numerous customers. So, if you are searching for convenience and quality, make sure it is Number Plate Clinic.

Number Plates Triple Clear Krystal Black Gel
0 out of 5

Original price was: £165.00.Current price is: £82.50.

Number Plates Triple 4D Lazer Cut Black
0 out of 5

Original price was: £145.00.Current price is: £70.00.

Number Plates Single Krystal & Matt 4D
0 out of 5

Original price was: £125.00.Current price is: £62.50.

Number Plates Reverse Shadow Number Plate
0 out of 5

Original price was: £130.00.Current price is: £65.00.

Number Plates Matt 4D 3mm
0 out of 5

Original price was: £89.99.Current price is: £47.49.


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