Properly maintaining your car is of the utmost essence if you want your vehicle to function seamlessly. It will also prevent you from squandering a whopping amount on your car repair bills. The cost of cars is continuously on the rise, and it makes them even more valuable. If you want to keep your vehicle smoothly running in the best shape, pay adequate attention to its maintenance. Here are five essential car maintenance dos and don’ts which will benefit a car owner in the long run.

Dos of car maintenance-

●    Check your dashboard warning lights

They engineer contemporary vehicles to diagnose problems with any vital element and timely inform you about them. It happens through a set of various warning lights which let you know if there is an issue with the engine, brake, battery, fluid levels and more. Suppose you see a red or amber light, find out what that could mean for your vehicle from the manufacturer’s guidebook, and take your car to a garage before the issue deteriorates.

●    Check the air pressure in the tyres

You should regularly check the air pressure in your tyres and fill them with air before every long journey or every week as a part of your maintenance routine. If the air pressure is higher or lower than the standard PSI of your car, it could lead to wear and premature damage to your tyres.

●    Do clean your battery terminals

Cleaning your battery terminals is an essential part of car maintenance. The car battery is one of your car’s most vital components. With time, the battery terminals collect grime on them and get rusted.

Don’ts of car maintenance

●    Don’t use the wrong fuel in your car

Putting petrol in a diesel engine increases the friction occurring between the mobile parts of the engine. Adding diesel to due engines is not possible because the pump necks are thicker.

●    Don’t drive with an overheated engine

A car engine heats up with continuous usage. Your car’s cooling system prevents the engine from overheating. However, if your cooling system fails, it is imperative that you immediately stop driving and get your vehicle some professional care.

Summing up:

If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by spending behind car maintenance and upkeep, you need to follow the do’s and don’ts mentioned above. You can drive your car for a more extended period and not replace it on compulsion.

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