Free Road Angel Dashcam: How I got it?

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Getting car insurance may be essential to eliminate an encumbrance, but it is no less than a burden for young drivers. The hefty insurance bill is usually a worry for drivers, especially the young ones, as they feel weighed down by such vast sums of money.

When I was looking to get my car insured, I was going through the companies’ insurance bills. I even rang some more providers to get myself a better deal, but the starting rate was no less than £2900. Taking into consideration my requirements, I finally settled upon a reasonable quote.

As I talked with the insurance provider, a thought came to my mind, which turned out to benefit me a lot. I told my insurance provider that I possess a Road Angel Halo Pro, loaded with great features. To my surprise, the insurance provider dropped by upto 50% upon hearing this! Yes, you read it right- UPTO 50%. A product that merely costs £199 gave me a profit of about £1450

The features of the Road Angel Halo Pro that I mentioned earlier included:

  • Ultra-sophisticated front and rear camera package with built-in GPS
  • Top-notch quality that makes it reliable
  • Personalisation options
  • Captures remarkable 2K HD footage
  • Can be connected to the smartphone through the built-in WiFi
  • Supports 1440P Ultra HD loop recording
  • 140-degree wide recording
  • Compact size without a monitor, meaning no distraction

With so many features, it ensures a better and safer car journey every time. It has become popular in recent days as more and more people prefer it over any other dashboard camera.

I highly recommend the product with so many features and an added benefit of an insurance discount. I am unsure if insurance providers offer the same discounts for any other dashcam models from other brands. I am currently sticking to my Road Angel Halo Pro as it provides me the best value for money.

Rounding it off, this is how you can avail a free Road Angel Halo Pro. If you are looking forward to avail of this offer by purchasing a Road Angel Halo Pro dashcam, visit the Number Plate Clinic website.

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