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Future of 3D/4D plates: New Law 2021

So we’ve all seen the video of the police officer talking about 3D/4D plates and the blog article written by a certain car page. We get sent these on a daily basis and understand your concern about the legalities in regards to your plates and the future of the custom plate industry.

The simple answer… Yes 3D/4D plates will still be legal after September. But here is where it gets a little complicated.

Current plates are running on the BSAU 145d codes and the new plates after September 2021 will be running on BSAU 145e code, so why does that matter?

All physical plates that are made prior to September 2021 will have the BSAU 145d codes which will have to adhere to the ‘Old’ laws, so if your plates were road legal at the time of purchase they will still be road legal after September 2021 as long as they are displaying the BSAU 145d code on the physical plate.

The new physical plates that get made after September 2021 will have the new BSAU 145e and will have to adhere to the new DVLA rules.

After speaking and clarifying with the DVLA 3D/4D plates will still be legal as long as they still adhere to all the new requirements.

You can find these on the GOV site by searching for “INF104”

What they have emphasized on in the new documents is that the new plates can only be ONE shade of black. The rest of the requirements on plate durability is pretty similar to as it always has been.

As it stands physical 3D plates are legal which is already stated on the GOV website. And as many of you have experienced first hand they do show up on ANPR cameras with all the fines and parking tickets people get when caught on camera.

Where they have mentioned 3D FONT is illegal it refers to 2D printed plates with colour shading to make it look like a 3D FONT.

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