Over recent years, alloy wheels have become a highly desired fashion accessory to enhance any modern vehicle. Alloy wheels give any car that slick look by adding extra definition. The super performance and the eye-catching structure of alloy wheels are what distinguish them from any standard wheels. However, alloy wheels are more prone to damage than standard steel wheels, requiring extra care.

If you are bored with your visibly dull wheels, you and your vehicle can benefit from alloy wheel refurbishment. Besides that, if you have met with an unfortunate accident and damaged your wheel, going for repair is considered wise because alloy wheels are prohibitively expensive to repair.

The following is a brief on the process involved in alloy wheel refurbishment:

  • Powder coating and wet spray: It is done to impart the original finish to the wheel by changing its full color. It is required, especially when the damage is too much to be undone by cosmetic repair. The work is carried out using special ovens and pieces of equipment to achieve an extremely durable finish.
  • Refurbishment of the diamond cut wheel: It follows the same process as mentioned above. The additional feature here is that the diamond cut lathe is involved.
  • Smart/cosmetic repair: Such repair work is carried out by the professionals on alloy wheels when the damaged section is contained within a small area. Subsequently, the repair is then colored in such a way that an incomparable finish is achieved.

Whether you are looking forward to elevating your vehicle’s allure or need to fix accidental damage, alloy wheel refurbishment is an excellent option to keep the car in tip-top condition. Maintenance of alloy wheels does not always mean spending a fortune. However, individual service providers charge differently.

The renowned service provider, Number Plate Clinic, offers the benefit of alloy wheel refurbishment at an extremely cost-effective price. You can get an instant quote for the comprehensive range of alloy wheel refurbishment services provided by Number Plate Clinic by heading on to the website and filling up the cost calculator form or simply giving us a call.

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