A tip-top and well-maintained alloy wheel adds extra light and life to your car’s appearance. Buying a set of alloy wheels for your car enhances the appearance and performance of your car. Alloy wheels are softer than steel wheels and are more susceptible to damages like corrosion, dents, kerb damages, and peeling of paints.

Changing them when damaged can get very expensive and burn a hole in your pocket. The best solution is to visit a specialist wheel workshop and get your alloy wheels refurbished to bring back the beautiful and shining look. There are different wheel refurbishments available, but it entirely depends on your budget on which type of wheel refurbishment you will go for.

Types of Wheel Refurbishment

Professional wheel refurbishment has four types:

  • Cosmetic repair
  • Coatings and paint finishes
  • Polishing
  • Diamond cutting

Process Followed By Professional Wheel Refurbishment Companies

There is a fixed process that is followed by most wheel refurbishment companies. The following processes are regular when doing a normal wheel refurbishment job:

  • Scrub the alloys back to basics
  • Scrape and sand down the alloy to a smooth finish
  • Fill in any dents
  • Thoroughly clean your alloys to get them ready for painting
  • Apply a couple of coats of primer on the alloys
  • Apply a final paint finish

Please note that Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment follows a different procedure altogether, and we consider it the gem among wheel refurbishment

Cost of Wheel Refurbishment

Professional wheel refurbishment cost differs from the process chosen. But if we take an overview and an average of the different rates around UK, we can come to the following rates:

  • Normal 1 piece 20-inch alloy wheel refurbishment will cost around £50. This price might include paintwork depending on the company. So doing research will help you save money.
  • Normal 2 piece 20-inch alloy wheel refurbishment will cost around £70. So more wheels refurbished will be profitable for the customers.
  • Refurbishment of 1 piece larger alloy wheel of 20 inches will cost around £70 and £90 for a 21-inch wheel.
  • Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment starts from anywhere between £70 to £100 for the outer rim and edge and can go up to £150 for the full face of the alloy wheel.

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