Wheel alignment cost entirely depends on the type of vehicle and area and ranges between £25-50 in Bolton and Manchester. It is advisable to do research before going ahead with a wheel alignment job as different companies have different rates. Choose a garage that does wheel alignment as a part of the package for your car’s maintenance so you do not have to shell out extra.

According to a survey, the most expensive wheel alignment rates are in South London and the least expensive rates are in Wales. When it comes to a brand of car, wheel alignment for Alfa Romeo is the most expensive and Chrysler’s wheel alignment is the cheapest.

What is Wheel Alignment?

It is the perfect alignment of all four wheels of a car with each other so that they connect with the road with the same coordination. If a particular tyre degrades more than the others do, then it is a sign that your wheels are misaligned.

Why Is It Important?

Aligned wheels have the following advantages:

  • Your car drives straight
  • The drive is stable
  • Rides are fuel efficient
  • Minimal tyre wear

Misaligned wheels cause major problems such as:

  • Cause higher tyre wear
  • Steering wheel and suspension damage
  • Creates a drag in your drive
  • It will impact fuel economy

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

The major cause for wheel misalignment is because of having too little or too much tyre pressure in your wheels. Another very important factor is the way you drive. Rash driving over potholes, curbs or ramps may force your wheel to get misaligned. Other factors like excessive weight minor accidents or driving your car on a spare tyre for too long may misalign your wheels.

Symptoms Suggesting You Need Wheel Alignment?

The universal symptom is if your car drifts to any one side while driving on a straight road without gripping the steering wheel firmly. Other symptoms of wheel misalignment are shaking of the steering wheel, squealing noises of tyres and excessive wear of a particular tyre.

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