After purchasing a car, the next port of call will be how to transfer a personalized number to it. Getting a private number might be one of the things you have admired about cars for a long time and now that your car purchase has been sorted, you won’t have to go through a tedious process to get it done. It is a straightforward process that can be completed via post or online.

Getting private number plates can be done either on a Retention Certificate or transfer directly from one vehicle to the other. Therefore, if you have your registration on a Certificate of Entitlement or Retention Certificate, this article is for you.

You can purchase a new number plate for your car from a private company or an individual, so long as you meet all requirements. That is, as long as you have the correct documentation, even without bringing them along with you, you will get a private number plate for your vehicle.

The documents that come along with a successful number plate purchase include your retention document (V778), your Certificate of Entitlement (V750), and an online reference number. All of this will prove that you own the number plate.

How to apply to assign a number plate

The vehicle to assign a number plate must be registered to you. That’s when you can begin the process of transferring the number plate to you which can be done via post or online. Most number plate companies will make a number plate transfer for you free of charge especially when you are available in person. But if you purchase online intending to keep or assign, you can request the V750 or V778 certificate for easy registration which can be completed at home.

The fastest way to assign a number to your vehicle or transfer a registered plate to another car in this era is to go online. You can complete the process in less than ten minutes whether your plate is registered to another vehicle or held on a Certificate of Entitlement (V750) or Retention Document (V778).

Often, you are not required to pay any fees but your documentation must be in order including a valid V778 document, or a V750 certificate that hasn’t expired. And if you have just purchased your vehicle and are not the registered keeper, make sure you have the complete up-to-date V5C logbook.

You will be notified with a number plate authorisation certificate (eV958) via email by the DVLA once the application has been accepted. You can then proceed to fit your plates into your vehicle as soon as possible. If you haven’t got a number plate yet, you can do so after you’ve received your new logbook (V5C), number plate authorisation certificate (eV958) or use your V750/V778 certificate at a DVLA approved number plate supplier. In the case of insurance, notify your insurance company immediately about the change to avoid a mixup.

How to assign a private number plate by post?

Not everyone has access to or can use the internet, it might even boil down to preferences, either way, and you can present your paperwork to the DVLA by post. It is worth noting that this can take more time to process. Sometimes, it might be requested that you deliver by post due to incomplete information or error during registration.

How long does it take to assign a private number plate?

After registering to assign a private number plate to your vehicle, the V5C logbook you will receive can take up to six weeks before arrival. However, you can start using your number plate on arrival; you don’t have to wait another set of weeks before using it.

How to transfer a registration number from one car to another and how much it costs

You will have to pass through two stages of processing if your private plate is in situ on another vehicle. To remove the existing personalized number plate, you simply have to put it on retention. Furthermore, to still have ownership of the plate, you need to fill out a V317 form (section B) after removal. This is to allow you to choose from the array of options presented to you on what to do with it and to also notify the authorities.

You get to pay a one-off fee of £80 for transfer from one vehicle to the other. If you apply online, it can be done immediately if there’s no inspection needed. After application, use the reference number you’ll get to proceed. And if you are removing the number plate via post, it can take up to two weeks to get it done.

The documents to be posted to the DVLA must include, V317 “transfer or retain a vehicle registration number” form, your vehicle’s logbook (V5C) or the new keeper’s supplement with a completed V62 “application for a vehicle registration certificate V5C” and an £80 fee. Once done, you can go one to assign your car the personalized number plate of your choice. In any case, efficiency is all that matters.

What happens if you want to give a personalised number plate as a gift?

Gifting a personalized number plate is not as stressful as envisaged. The process is meant to complement your gesture and that’s what it does. It’s a similar process to buying your personalized number plate. If you are buying by yourself, you don’t need any vehicle documents. All you need to do is to transfer registration which can be done by the receiver in his leisure time.

After choosing your perfect reg plate, you will be issued a certificate with it. The certificate will be in your name as the “purchaser” and the gift receivers name as the “nominee”.

The plate delivery can be done on request to either you or the gift receiver’s address. However, you can delay sending it for a year free of charge. It will be kept tidily for you. But after a year, the DVLA will charge you as high as £25 for renewal.

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