Buying a number plate for your favourite car is not a big deal. But when you think about buying something different from the conventional one, it becomes difficult for you to decide because of the legal hassle it might involve. Nowadays, the style of 3D plates and 4D number plates are on the rise. There is no denying the fact that these number plates add elegance to your vehicle.

We all comply with government rules and regulations. So, worrying for the legal issue, that might associate with 3D or 4D number plate, is quite natural. Before installing a 3D number plate, the first question that comes to every consumer’s mind is, are they legal? Let’s look at the facts –

DVLA has strict guidelines on the uses of number plates and how they should be displayed. According to Road Vehicles Regulations 2001 –

  • No reflex-reflecting material should be used in any part of number plates or registration plates.
  • A registration plate, in any vehicle, must not be treated in a way in which the characters are indistinguishable, or which prevents taking a photographic image through camera or any other device.
  • The font of the characters must be in the prescribed form or in a style that is quite similar to the prescribed font.
  • The 3D effect of the 3D number plates never obscure the letters.
  • The high-quality 3D number plates also prevent reflection. So, the 3D number plates have no legal hassles from this perspective.
  • The font of the 3D number plates is always selected by maintaining the rules and regulations of the DVLA. That means it follows the prescribed form. We, at Number Plate Clinics, never use the italic script, multiple strokes or broken stroke, which are illegal.

To sum up, we can say that 3D number plates are completely legal since this type of number plates do not practice any kind of illegal activities. So, if you are thinking about buying a 3D number plate, go ahead.

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