Car Window Tints

Is Window Tinting Good For Your Car?

Window tinting is one of the vehicular upgrades that confuse most car owners – to do it or not do it? Does it have any real benefit, or is it just for fashion?

Find out the answer to your queries here.

Benefits of Window Tinting

It Offers Privacy

A darker window definitely provides more privacy inside the car than a transparent window. Someone from out of the car cannot easily peek in and see what is happening inside the car.

Protection from Sun

The tint prevents the harsh glare of the sun from getting into the car interiors. The dark shade of the window tint absorbs much of the light and heat, keeping the insides of the car cool and comfortable. Therefore, window tints are especially beneficial in places that experience long, warm and sunny summers. As a result, the car’s air conditioner will not have to bear the whole brunt of the heat and still manage to cool down the inside of the car.

An Aesthetic Appearance

There is no denying that a tinted window looks very stylish on any car. Luxury cars are often provided with the dark tint right from manufacturing. Therefore, dark window tint has become a signature of high-end automobiles. Owners with cars that do not belong to that category often go for window tinting to imitate and bring the same style to their vehicles.

Cons of Tinted Windows

There is no harm in tinting your car window. However, it has certain drawbacks which you need to keep in mind as well.

It Could Be Illegal

Many places around the world have state or centre-sanctioned ban on window tinting for security reasons. If you live in such a place, you might be fined for the upgrade or even get your car confiscated, depending on how strict your hometown laws are.

Reduced Visibility

Tinted windows are no problem in bright daylight, but they can pose a threat in the dark, especially for the driver. With the windows rolled up, the tint will limit the driver’s visibility to a large extent.

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