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Personalised number plates in Britain are also known as private number plates. They are special types of number plates which can be used for many reasons. Personalised number plates like the Northern Ireland style can help in hiding the age of your vehicle. Private number plates like the ones available at Vanity plate can also be used to display your name, occupation, position, vehicle model, and a lot of other things. 

Personalised number plates can be used on any vehicle already registered with DVLA. Plate number and car registration were introduced in an attempt to regulate the car industry in the United Kingdom by the government. In the course of the car registration, private plate numbers like those offered on Vanity plate were introduced. 

How Can You Get The Best Private Number Plate For Your Vehicle?

personalised number platesPersonalised number plates can be done at Vanity plates. They are expert in creating the best personalised plate number. The customised number plates can be the combination of your name and date of birth. You can as well decide to give a person a car with a personalised plate number. Our experts can handle all of these. 

Northern Ireland formats are also available for your vehicle.  It was known as the Irish registration number before the cessation of Northern Ireland from the Republic of Ireland. 

However, when you want to buy a personalised number plate, these are the things you must do:

  • Decide on your budget. Private number plates can be varied in price depending on the format. 
  • Decide on what format you will be using based on your budget. The chive can be your name format, your work, your initials, your hobbies, and your nick.
  • Approach a verified and ideal dealer. The best thing to do is to consider the dealer you will employ in getting your private number plate. You must ensure it is a certified dealer by DVLA and a member of the Trade Organisation. 
  • Once your private number plate is available, you are permitted to allocate it to your vehicle in a few days. You can also choose to keep it in retention for future usage. 

What is the Proper Usage of a Personalised Plate Number? 

Before you can make use of a personalised plate number, there are a set of rules you must consider, whether you’re ready to use your private plate number on your car now, or you want to put it on retention for later use. You must follow the DVLA rules and regulations guiding the usage of personalised number plates. 

What are the DVLA Rules and Regulations Guiding Personalised Number Plates? 

You cannot just choose to assign any number to your car registration. You must ensure it conforms with the laid down rules of DVLA. The following are the stated rules by DVLA guiding the usage of Personalised number plates.

  • Number plates must always contain a number. No matter your choice, your number plate must be the combination of characters and number. 
  • Misrepresentation of number plate format is unacceptable. It is illegal to misrepresent the format of a number plate. 
  • It is not permitted to assign a number that makes a vehicle younger than its age. Your personalised number plates can help hide your car’s age. However, it should give a close number to the vehicle’s age.  For instance, a car with a registration mark of 1998 cannot be assigned a registration mark of 2020.
  • A vehicle must have MOT and an up to date Road tax before it can get a new personalised number plate. However, cars with exemption in road tax can also get a private number provided the exemption is still on. 

Can I Sell my Personalised Number Plates? 

You can still choose to list your private number plate for sale, in case some people may want it. You might have started using your personalised number plate on your vehicle or as motorcycle plates. Or maybe you kept it for some reasons. You can sell it through your trusted dealer. 

Vanity plates can not only help you get your personalised number plates. They can as well help you list already assigned private number plates for sale. Call their agents and offer your private number plate for sale. You will be contacted as soon a buyer is gotten for your number plate. 

If you want to personalise your number plates, it is a good idea to learn about the different types of personalised number plates so that you can understand what type of number plate can be the best option for you. It will also help you to make the right decision when it comes to buying personalised number plates.

Well, read on to learn more about different types of personalised number plates –

  1. The DVLA number plates:

The most common type of number plate in the UK is the DVLA number plate. The DVLA number plate is the plate that comes with the vehicle when you buy it. The DVLA number plates can be of two types –

  • Prefix style: Prefix style is the system used before the change.
  • Current style: Current style is used nowadays for the new car registration.

When you opt for personalising your number plates, you need to make sure that it is getting done by maintaining the DVLA rules and regulations. We have shared below some of the personalised number plate options that are approved by DVLA –

  1. 3D letter number plates:

The 3D-letter number plate is quite popular because of its style and durability. 3D letter number plates are especially popular in the UK since this type of personalised number plate can survive the harsh climate – sunlight, rain, and snowfall.

  1. 4D letter number plates:

4D letter number plates are another popular option for personalised number plates. This type is nothing but the raised form of the 3D-letter number plates. Unlike the 4D movies, they don’t vibrate until you rattle your car too much. However, they are a little fancy, so you have to take special care if you personalise your number plate with 4D letters.

  1. Gel number plates:

You can use gel number plates in both 3D and 4D letter number plates options. They look fantastic and they are durable.

You can personalise your number plate the way you want. However, just make sure you maintain the DVLA rules and regulations while buying personalised number plates.

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