Awning/Tent Cleaner – 1 Litre

?Ready to use, designed to give a deep cleaning action ?Environmentally friendly and biodegradable ?No caustics, abrasives, solvents or silicons

Awning/Tent Re-Proofer – 1 Litre

?Highly effective waterproofing agent for canvas and synthetic fabrics ?Water based, solvent free ?Once cured it protects against stains caused by foodstuffs, grass and oil

Black Streak Remover – 1 Litre

?Ready to tackle black streaks and other stubborn marks ?Leaves a sparkling finish ?Quick and easy cleaning

Bobby Dazzler – 1 Litre

?Unique protective coating applied during rinsing ?No need for polishing, waxing or elbow grease ?Easy to apply

Bobby Dazzler Shield – 250ml

?Effective paint sealant, quick and easy to apply ?Designed to seal and protect paintwork, metalwork and plastics ?Long lasting formula that penetrates easily and deeply to seal and protect

Caravan Cleaner – 1 Litre

?For effective and easy cleaning of all exterior caravan surfaces ?Strong, easy to pour bottle ?Removes stubborn streaks and algae

Motorhome Cleaner – 1 Litre

?Similar to caravan cleaner, but has increased cleaning power for removing flies and can be used in power washers ?For easy cleaning of all motorhome surfaces ?Removes stubborn stains and algae

Over Wintering Exterior Protector – 1 Litre

?Cost effective winter protection ?Helps prevent green algae growth and moss build-up ?Helping the van to stay cleaner and making spring cleaning easier

Windowize Scratch Remover – 100ml

?Removes scratches, branch marks and hazing from plastic acrylic windows ?Quick and effective ?Instantly enhances appearance