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21 Piece Metric Tap & Die Set – Carbon Steel

?Manufactured from high quality C45 carbon steel, these sets are suitable for cleaning and cutting threads in mild steel, aluminium and brass ?Contains a tap wrench, die holder, screwdriver and a range of metric taps and dies, featuring the most commonly used European threads ?Supplied in a robust plastic storage case

Combination Screw Extractor & Drill Set – 10 Piece

?Removes bolts and screws up to 5/8in. diameter using reverse thread Set contains five spiral extractors and five titanium coated HSS drills in popular sizes for mechanics ?Sizes: 5/64in. (3mm), 7/64in. (35mm), 5/32in. (4mm), 1/4in. (65mm), 19/64in.(75mm) ?Titanium coated drill bits

Damaged Cap Head Bolt & Screw Extractor Set – 11 Piece

?For removing damaged cap head bolts & screws ?1/4in. Hex shank x 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Hex bits x 50mm long ?Plus 10mm Hex shank x 7mm, 8mm, 10mm x 38mm long

Screw Extractor Set – 6 Piece

?M3/6, M6/8, M18/11, M11/14, M14/18, M18/25 ?M3-M6, M5-M8, M11-M14, M14, M18, M18-M20 ?Manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum

Stud Extractor 1/2in. Drive

?Capacity for 65mm - 19mm (1/4in. < 3/4in.) ?Provides powerful grip by use of an eccentric knurled wheel ?Ideal for removing stubborn or rusted studs

Stud Extractor Set Short Series – 4 Piece

?Short series stud extractor set with concentric roller action with reverse off action, allows access to awkward areas. Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium and supplied in blow mould case. ?4 piece ?6mm and 8mm are 3/8in. drive 10mm and 12mm are 1/2in. drive

Stud Remover Set – 5 Piece

?Stud extractor set in short series for tight, restricted areas with ratchet spanner 6/8/10/12 + 14/17mm ?Spares available for all stud extractors: 6mm (OD 239mm) 1358, 8mm (OD 238mm) 1359, 10mm ( OD 278mm) 1360, 12mm (OD 278mm) 1361 ?Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12

Tap & Die Set – 40 Piece

?Practical use Tap and Die Set with Tap and Die Holders ?Adjustable tap wrench and sliding tap wrench + thread gauge ?M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8/M10/M12 NPT27

Tap & Die Set – Alloy Steel – 110 Piece

?Manufactured from alloy steel this set features split die, a comprehensive array of taps, three tap holders and two die holders Popular sizes of taps are supplied in twos Tap sizes: 4x07, 5x08, 7x1/075, 8x125/1/075, 9x075/1/125, 10x075 ?Includes 2 x adjustable tap holders M6-M20 (1/4in.-3/4in.) M3-M12 (1/16in.-1/2in.) ?Features split die

Tap & Die Set – Alloy Steel – 13 Piece

?Alloy steel and titanium coated ?6 metric taps and dies plus 'T' bar tap wrench ?Sizes:

Tap & Die Set – Alloy Steel – 51 Piece

?Manufactured from Alloy Steel and with split dies, this set is aimed at the professional user ?Automatic centre punch ?Sliding T-bar tap wrench

Tap Set – E500 M6 – 3 Piece

?High Speed Steel E500 ?Coarse Thread ?Sets of 3