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21 Piece Metric Tap & Die Set – Carbon Steel

Manufactured from high quality C45 carbon steel, these sets are suitable for cleaning and cutting threads in mild steel, aluminium and brass Contains a tap wrench, die holder, screwdriver and a range of metric taps and dies, featuring the most commonly used European threads Supplied in a robust plastic storage case

Combination Screw Extractor & Drill Set – 10 Piece

Removes bolts and screws up to 5/8in. diameter using reverse thread Set contains five spiral extractors and five titanium coated HSS drills in popular sizes for mechanics Sizes: 5/64in. (3mm), 7/64in. (35mm), 5/32in. (4mm), 1/4in. (65mm), 19/64in.(75mm) Titanium coated drill bits

Damaged Cap Head Bolt & Screw Extractor Set – 11 Piece

For removing damaged cap head bolts & screws 1/4in. Hex shank x 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Hex bits x 50mm long Plus 10mm Hex shank x 7mm, 8mm, 10mm x 38mm long

Screw Extractor Set – 6 Piece

M3/6, M6/8, M18/11, M11/14, M14/18, M18/25 M3-M6, M5-M8, M11-M14, M14, M18, M18-M20 Manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum

Stud Extractor 1/2in. Drive

Capacity for 65mm - 19mm (1/4in. < 3/4in.) Provides powerful grip by use of an eccentric knurled wheel Ideal for removing stubborn or rusted studs

Stud Extractor Set Short Series – 4 Piece

Short series stud extractor set with concentric roller action with reverse off action, allows access to awkward areas. Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium and supplied in blow mould case. 4 piece 6mm and 8mm are 3/8in. drive 10mm and 12mm are 1/2in. drive

Stud Remover Set – 5 Piece

Stud extractor set in short series for tight, restricted areas with ratchet spanner 6/8/10/12 + 14/17mm Spares available for all stud extractors: 6mm (OD 239mm) 1358, 8mm (OD 238mm) 1359, 10mm ( OD 278mm) 1360, 12mm (OD 278mm) 1361 Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12

Tap & Die Set – 40 Piece

Practical use Tap and Die Set with Tap and Die Holders Adjustable tap wrench and sliding tap wrench + thread gauge M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8/M10/M12 NPT27

Tap & Die Set – Alloy Steel – 110 Piece

Manufactured from alloy steel this set features split die, a comprehensive array of taps, three tap holders and two die holders Popular sizes of taps are supplied in twos Tap sizes: 4x07, 5x08, 7x1/075, 8x125/1/075, 9x075/1/125, 10x075 Includes 2 x adjustable tap holders M6-M20 (1/4in.-3/4in.) M3-M12 (1/16in.-1/2in.) Features split die

Tap & Die Set – Alloy Steel – 13 Piece

Alloy steel and titanium coated 6 metric taps and dies plus 'T' bar tap wrench Sizes:

Tap & Die Set – Alloy Steel – 51 Piece

Manufactured from Alloy Steel and with split dies, this set is aimed at the professional user Automatic centre punch Sliding T-bar tap wrench

Tap Set – E500 M6 – 3 Piece

High Speed Steel E500 Coarse Thread Sets of 3