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Air Conditioning System Cleaner Aerosol – 150ml

Effectively eliminates bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses from the air conditioning system Stops unpleasant odours, hay fever symptoms and other allergic reactions by purifying the air Deodorises upholstery and carpets to bring back that new car smell

Air Control Regulator Unit – 1/2 Inch – BSP Thread

Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator designed to filter water/vapour to extend the service life of air tools Output pressure 7-150 PSI Max Max input pressure 215 PSI

Air-Con Sanitiser Aerosol 150ml

Sanitises the entire air conditioning system Proven to kill a broad range of bacteria, fungus and yeasts while leaving a pleasant and long lasting aroma Suitable for any automotive vehicle with an air conditioning system fitted

Auto Freeze Auto Air Con Recharge – 532ml

Improves system effciency Extends compressor life Provides cold air fast

HFO1234yf Leak Sealer – 40ml

The HFO1234yf leak sealer is a small can of powered sealant that seals small AC leaks in automotive vehicles Only used for sealing micro leaks in vehicles (approx. 3 weeks from charge to discharge) Comes with coupler and includes dye

PAG 46 Oil With Dye R134a – 250ml

The PAG oils are double end capped The double end cap stabilises chemicals in the lubricant to improve the tolerance to high temperature The cap prevents reactions that create acid within the air-conditioning system, making them tolerant to moisture

R-1234yf Auto Air-Con Reusable Trigger & Gauge

Gauge connects to sealed and self-sealing R-1234yf cans Helps to measure pressure and recharges R-1234yf A/C systems Reusable trigger gauge provides a more accurate fill while the 24'' charging hose gives easier access to hard-to-reach ports

R134a & HFO1234yf Universal PAG Oil – 1 Litre

The universal PAG lubricant can be used with Auto Air couplers R134a and HFO1234yf Can also be used in electric compressors fitted in Hybrid vehicles Suitable for Sanden hybrid systems only

Spotgun Hose – HFO1234yf

Applicator hose HFO1234yf For use with 41-40143

Spotgun Hose – R134a

Applicator hose R134a connection For use with 41-40142

UV Dye Cleaner – Spray Bottle

Pump action Environmentally safe and effective way of removing UV dye once a leak has been located and repaired 120ml