WHY Choose a 3D Bike Plates?

Of the top reasons to choose a Autoworld Motorbike Plate our Top 3 are

* THAT LOOK! We all know motorbike enthusiasts chose motorbikes over other vehicles for a REASON! So, our custom Motorbike Plate guarantees the look of care and edginess with its shimmering, floating, solid and regular new look on the road whilst remaining 100% road legal

* DURABILITY! All number plates are created with strongest adhesive that guarantees your plate will last all the seasons, weathers and road happenings and are backed with a 2-year warranty excluding road traffic collisions!

* CUSTOMISABILITY! Your custom motorbike plate can be non-customised, customised or highly customised according to your requirements with a variety of road-legal side badges and borders added to give your vehicle a highly-visibility, elite feel!

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