A 4D Lazer Cut Number Plate is PERFECT for anyone looking for a refined, clean look to their vehicles

Whether it’s a Motorbike Number Plate, Car Number Plate, Electric Vehicle Number Plate, Range Rover Number Plate our Lazer Cut 4D plates range are 100% road legal as long as legally spaced.

Not only are 4D Acrylic Plates 100% legal they are INCREDIBLY durable, as they are made from premium acrylic and high-grade quality adhesive to help them stick to the plate.

At Autoworld Online Bolton , we customise your 4D car plates to your liking in a SIMPLE way to make your vehicle truly pop on the road, giving it a standout look showing that you care and take pride in your vehicle and your cherished plate

No need to worry about the price tag as our 4D plates can be added layers to – whether it’s gloss gel, lazer cut of extra layers – we customise your 4D Plate unique to you, after all your plate is ONE OF A KIND!

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4D Dark Carbon x Clear Krystal

Breakdown: 1x 3D Dark Carbon 1x 4D Clear Krystal

4D Dark Carbon x Double Clear Krystal

Breakdown: 1x 3D Dark Carbon 2x 4D Clear Krystal

4D Double Orange Krystal Black Gel with Matching BOARDER

Double Orange Krystal with 3D Black Gel and a matching 4D border

4D Double Royal Gold

This comes with a 4D gold layer topped with 4D Black

4D Double Ruby Black Gel w/ Ruby Border

Breakdown: 2x 4D Ruby 1x 3D Black Gel 1x 4D Ruby Border