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Browguard – Clear Lens Visor

Browguard with Clear Visor Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Visor 8in. Screen

Challenger Safety Goggles – Clear

Features indirect vents to prevent access to liquid and dust particles For crystal clear vision CE marked

Direct Grinding Goggles – Clear

Lightweight soft PVC framed protective goggles with lateral vents for comfort Toughened polycarbonate lens for protection against large dust particles and medium impact at extreme temperatures EN166 : 2001 . Optical class 1

Endurance Helmet Visor Replacement – Clear

Impact resistant visor Anti-scratch coating for added durability Anti-fog coating for additional comfort to the wearer

Face Shield Plus – Clear Lens

This face shield protects against chemical splash, molten metal and hot solids Superior front and side face protection Adjustable crown-strap for comfort fit

Flip-Up Gas Welding Goggles – Black

Gas Welding Goggle Flip Front Shade 5 Lens Anti-Scratch and Anti Fog Coating

Flip-Up Welding Head Mask – Black

Lift up welding mask. Suitable for MIG, TIG and Arc welding Lens size 50 x 108mm (2in. x 4 1/4in.) Spare lens (50mm x 108mm) - Part No 3093

Lens Set for Welding Head Mask – 3 Piece

Spare lens set for welding mask Size: 5mm x 108mm Suitable for MiG, TiG and Arc welding

PPE Safety Protector Kit – Clear Visor

PPE Protection Kit Ideal solution for face and hearing protection where no helmet is required Contains 1 x Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Visor, Ear Protector and Polypropylene Browguard

Protective Arc Flash Face Shield

Protective face screen for use without helmet Protects against electric arcs caused by short circuits CE certificated with EN166/EN170, 1000v rated

Protective Face Shield

Essential face protection Lightweight Easy to fit and remove

Replacement Lens – CR39 – Pack of 10

Outer protective anti scratch lens for use in welding helmets Long lasting resistance to welding spatter Protects inner lenses from welding heat