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Cooling System Flush – 325ml

?Acid-free concentrated radiator cleaner ?Dual action formula removes scale and eliminates rust, deposits, etc from all automotive cooling systems ?Performs well with all types of cooling liquid, including OAT coolant

Cooling System Stop Leak – 325ml

?Stops small leaks in radiator and cooling system ?Stops head gasket leaks ?Formulated with anti-corrosive properties, providing enhanced protection against rust and corrosion

Extreme Cooling System Degreaser – 325ml

?Removes oil and sludge caused by leaking heat exchanger or cylinder head gasket ?Degreases and cleans cooling system ?Keeps residues in suspension whilst cleaning

Head Gasket Repair – 473ml

?Permanent head gasket repair in a bottle ?Simply pour into the radiator ?Save hundreds of pounds of garage repair

Heavy Duty Coolant Leak Repair – 472ml

?Fixes most leaks in water-cooled engines ?Designed specifically for HGVs, tractors, heavy plant and other commercial vehicles ?Add to coolant systems for a permanent repair, guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine

Power Maxed Radiator Flush Treatment 325ml

?Radiator flush ?Remove rust & sludge ?Clears water channels

Power Maxed Radiator Stop Leak 325ml

?Stops radiator and cooling leaks ?Seals existing & prevents future leaks ?Conditions cooling system

Radiator Cement Sachets – Display Card Of 24

?Temporarily seals leaky radiators, cylinder blocks and water pumps, even when used with antifreeze ?Powder formulation comes in handy sachets for cars or tubes for larger vehicles such as trucks and tractors ?The product is compatible with all types of glycol based antifreeze normally used in cooling systems

Radiator Flush – 300ml

?Water based non-foaming additive used to clean cooling systems before coolant replacement or prior to treatment with Radiator Stop Leak ?Helps remove limescale - corrosion deposits - oils and debris from the cooling systems ?Helps free up cooling channels and improves circulation

Radiator Flush – 325ml

?Powerful acid free radiator cleaner ?Dual action - removes scale and eliminates rust deposits & oily residues ?For all types of coolant including OAT coolant

Radiator Sealant – 300ml

?Liquid rapid sealing version of the above for repairing leaks in engine blocks and radiators as well as lubricating water pumps ?Not suitable for certain Rover models ?Radiator stop leak

Radiator Stop Leak – 325ml

?Stops and prevents leaks in the radiator and cooling system ?Stops and prevents leaks ?Stops head gasket leaks