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A professional strength wheel cleaner is used to restore your alloys and factory-finished lacquered wheels. The alkaline-based formula targets and emulsifies dirt, accumulated brake dust, and soils contained in wheel grime. 500ml Bottle with the trigger.

HD Tyre Gel 500ml

Long-life waterproof tire conditioner for extended-life display. Easy to use with excellent coverage. Fast drying for rapid vehicle turnaround. Non-tack finish, the Solvent blend will not mark surrounding paintwork or plastics. 500ml Bottle.

Purple Venom Iron Fallout 500ml

Purple Venom Iron Fallout is a reactive iron contamination remover. This PH neutral formula will react and dissolve contamination from all exterior surfaces, paintwork, wheels, glass, and even trim, simply spray, allow to react, and rinse with water. 500ml Bottle with Trigger.


A simple but powerful non-acidic wheel and tire cleaning gel with a fruity scent, containing surfactants for exceptional contact on the surface of the wheel, which lifts and removes embedded road residues and contaminants effortlessly. 500ml Bottle with Spray trigger.