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Remote Bass Control

The JLRBC-1 allows users of monoblock JX amplifiers to control the bass level remotely. Once connected, the on-board "Boost" control of the amplifier is negated and the RBC-1 becomes the active boost controller. The kit contains the control knob itself as well as spare installation hardware and a 5.5m extension cable. Compatible amplifiers: JX250.1 JX500.1 JX1000.1 RD500/1 RD900/5 RD1000/1 RD1500/1 600/1v3 1200/1v3

Remote Level Control for HD and XD Amplifiers

The HD-RLC allows users of XD and HD amplifiers to control the subwoofer level or master volume remotely. Multiple amplifiers can be controlled with one controller by adding standard phone cable splitter (not included). The kit contains the control knob itself as well as spare installation hardware and a 5.5m extension cable. Compatible amplifiers: XD200/2v2 XD300/1v2 XD400/4v2 XD500/3v2 XD600/1v2 XD600/6v2 XD700/5v2 XD800/8v2 XD1000/1v2 XD1000/5v2 HD600/4 HD750/1 HD900/5 HD1200/1

Remote Level Control for Line Level Signals

The CL-RLC is a true, active level control preamplifier which can be used for subwoofer level control or as an audiophile-grade, full-range volume control. The CL-RLC's differential-balanced inputs minimize the likelihood of noise, while its very healthy preamp design delivers up to 7.5 VRMS of unclipped output to your amplifier. Unlike cheap, passive line-level controls, no signal passes through the CL-RLC's control cable and knob. Instead, the control knob only sends volume level signals to the preamp circuit in order to maximize fidelity and minimize the possibility of noise. Subwoofer Level: By inserting the CL-RLC in-line with any signal feeding a subwoofer amplifier you can control the subwoofer level from the front of the vehicle using the supplied control knob. Unlike the RBC-1, which is an EQ boost controller, this is a true level control for the subwoofer amplifier. Another important feature is a buffered pass-through connection so that you can also pass signal along (without volume control) to a satellite amplifier from the same input channels. Full-Range Volume Control: Since the CL-RLC uses top-quality active circuitry, its application is not just limited to subwoofer duty. It can be used whenever and wherever you want to have volume control over any line-level signal. For example, you can use it to control a center-channel level, rear channel levels, or even the level of an iPod input directly to an amplifier. The possibilities are endless and will enable very interesting things to be accomplished in a wide variety of systems.


The must have tool for a professional Dynamat installation Switch-A-Blade is the always handy "pocket utility knife" that combines the convenience and portability of a pocketknife with the functionality and usability of a utility knife Switch-A-Blade uses standard "Contractor Grade" replaceable blades Contents: 1 x Switch-a-blade with adjustment key Application: Professional tool for cutting and sizing Dynamat with professional-looking results