Acme WS08 wireless keyboard & mouse EN/RU/LT

Acme WS08 wireless keyboard & mouse EN RU LT

Acme WS08 wireless keyboard & mouse EN/RU/LT



Acme WS08 wireless keyboard & mouse EN/RU/LT

Excellent 2-in-1 offer especially for You full-size wireless keyboard plus compact wireless mouse! The greatest advantage of this set is its portability: the keyboard has 2.4 GHz wireless connection thanks to which You will be able to type wherever You wish up to 10 meters distance; the mouse is small and compact, thus, nice and convenient to hold in hand, carry around if necessary. The keyboard features soft and responsive keys which make the typing very smooth and quiet. Considering that the keyboard is full size, typing is fast and efficient as well. The design of the mouse is enhanced to meet the requirements of the neediest customers it is accurate, convenient, small, thus, portable, always there and ready to be used. So don’t miss the great offer and take the chance to get 2 devices for the price of 1

2.4 GHz wireless connection
Full-size accuracy

Categories – Technology
Colour – Black
Type – Keyboard and Mouse


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