Number Plates should match the DVLA and British Government standards and regulations and should have the correct font, letter size and spacing. The placing and colouring of screws should be correct eg the colour of the screw should match the background and if located on a letter, should not obscure part of the registration as it may be misread.


How to do it the sticky pad way.
First of all remove your old plates if you have not already done so. Clean the area where the plate is going to be stuck using a mild detergent or even white spirit for best results, let this evaporate, then stick 3 of the pads onto the first plate spacing equally, Pull of the backing tape and stick firmly into place, Take care to get it straight as the pads are very sticky and don’t like to move once on.
Tip: Try to put them on when its mild and dry as they don’t like cold damp surfaces. Also Try and warm up the area if its cold with a hairdryer for 30 – 40 seconds.


Consisting of 2 x Yellow Caps,  2 x Black Caps,  2 x White Caps,  4 x Screws

This way is really easy too. Carefully drill the plates from the front to the back with a small 3mm drill bit then using the self tapper screws and caps just screw through the bumper plastic close the clip and youre done.

Tip: If you have already existing number plates with screws this way will be easier for you to fit the plate by using the Screw Kit. Just use your existing plate as a template, drill small holes with a 3mm drill bit where the existing holes are and than just screw it straight on your car. Job is done.

These are really easy to use as you just undo the old ones and replace with the bright shiny new ones.


A Small Price to Pay to Keep Them Safe

Due to popular demand and car Cloning we are now stocking these great little devices. They are really easy to fit and really hard to take off without the little key. They also look stunning in Anodized Aluminum and give your car that little touch of class.


If you want a more solid look we also offer Number Plate Surrounds. This way of fitting is the most presentable and it also gives you the best custom look for your number plate you can have. Frames are very easy to fit and you can choose from various surrounds such as black, white, chrome, carbon, metallic pink and a new 4×4 surround in chrome.

Do you require more information? Please do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to help you.