Parrot LCD Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

Parrot, a global leader in Bluetooth wireless devices for mobile phones, stands on the cutting edge of innovation.

The company was founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux as part of his determination to drive the inevitable breakthrough of mobile phones into everyday life by creating high-quality, user-friendly Bluetooth wireless devices for easy living.

Parrot has developed the most extensive range of Bluetooth hands-free kits on the market for cars, motorbikes and scooters. Drawing on its tried-and-tested expertise on voice recognition and signal processing technologies, Parrot was one of the very first companies to produce Bluetooth-enabled wireless hands-free car kits, having identified this standard’s vast potential as early as 1999.

Determined to accompany the mobile telephone’s irresistible breakthrough into our day-to-day lives, Parrot has been developing a new range of Bluetooth Multimedia products since 2006, including wireless hi-fi systems and LCD digital photo frames.

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