Acme KS07 Slim Keyboard EN/LT/RU, USB

Acme KS07 Slim Keyboard EN/LT/RU, USB



Acme KS07 Slim Keyboard EN/LT/RU, USB

Two from the first sight incompatible features are combined in this keyboard thin design and additional keys. First of all, as already mentioned this keyboard is super slim, thus, will not occupy a lot of space on your working table and surely will look good and modern. Moreover, it also has 13 additional hotkeys for the functions you use every day (e.g. Volume up, Volume down, Mute, Play/Pause, Calculator) which will serve for your convenience? one press of the key and the function is performed

Slim design
Full-size layout

Categories – Technology
Colour – Black
Type – Keyboard and Mouse


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