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4D Private Reg Plates

A part of the 3D family, we make the 4D style number plates from 3mm black acrylic. Many have confusion if these plates are road legal. According to DVLA, a vehicle can sport 3D style number plates. 4D plates being a part of the extended 3D family, it is absolutely legal and MOT passable. 4D Private Reg Plates in UK have further changed with customizable options such as laser-cut, carbon gel, crystal, and glitter.

Follow DVLA Rules

The spacing between each character on your number plate needs to follow the rules set by DVLA, or else they will deem it illegal. Private 4D Reg Plates sometimes have fewer characters, but the spacing needs to be perfect at all times. DVLA has rules set for number plates and most of them still stand for 4D Private Reg Plates in UK. Car owners interested in this premium style plate must get them from licensed Number Plate Makers as a slight miss up may lead to a hefty penalty.

Fitting 4D Characters on Number Plates

As 4D and 3D characters are weighty, we cannot use regular adhesive to stick them on the plate. We paste all 4D style Private Reg Plates on the plate using a 3M tape. This adhesive is the best in its class. Talking about durability, well it is a guarantee the 4D characters will not fall off the plate.

Get Yourself a 4D Plate

Do you want to make your car stand out without investing a lot in modifications? Getting a 4D plate designed by Autoworld can get the magic done for you. We have all the variety of 4D styles on offer for you. Visit our website to get amazed by our affordable collections showcased for car lovers and car enthusiast. When there is a rule which allows one to be cool! Why not be one?