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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

Whether you require restoring your damaged wheels to their original condition or you fancy making your car stand out from the crowd. Autoworld’s most experienced alloy wheel refurbishment specialist guarantees you the best finish at the lowest price.

Removing Base Coat of Paint and Grease

Once you are at our workshop, we start by getting rid of the tire valve and weights from the wheel. We then carefully immerse your wheels into a stripping tank with biodegradable chemicals. The striping tank helps in removing the base coat of the primer on the wheels. This process takes anywhere between 2 to 3 hours depending on the quality of the wheel’s finish.

The Wet Blast Treatment

Once the stripping process is complete, the wheel is preliminarily cleaned and then given a wet blast treatment. A wet blast treatment is a machine which delivers a high-pressure water jet which helps in removing any stubborn remaining paints and cleans the surface of the wheel. This treatment brings the alloy wheel back to its bare metal structure which will help further in its restoration and paint job later.

Damage Repair

After the wheel dries completely, we remove any imperfections and damages like cracks and curb rash on the workbench. We also use the proper mechanism to make sure the alignment of the wheel is in perfect condition.

Dry Blast Process

The final stage of preparation before the paint job is carried out is done in the dry blasting cabinet. This process gives an even texture to the wheel and eliminates any minor rash or scratches on it. We clean the alloys properly and dry it in our cleaning machine. We ensure to remove any dust, air, and water from the alloy before the paint job.

Painting the Wheels

 The paint job is a step by step process where firstly, an initial coat of primer is applied on the wheel. We then bake the alloy for 10 minutes and cool it before the second and the third coat. If we are doing one or two wheels, we make sure to match the base coat of the paint with the original colour. But, if we do the full set of wheels, the customer has the choice of choosing the colour of their liking. We have many colours and shades available at our workshops such as transitions, starburst and chrome effects. To help you decide if you want to go for something different we have wheels already painted in a selection of the most popular finishes. You can hold up any of these wheels and see how your car looks.

Curing and Fitting

The Final curing process ensures an incredibly hard, robust, and protective finish. Your wheels are now ready to be reunited with their tires, balanced, and fitted back on the car.