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Brake Dust- Can It Destroy Your Alloy Wheels?

Brake Dust- Can It Destroy Your Alloy Wheels?

Brake Dust- Can It Destroy Your Alloy Wheels?When you have invested enough money in a set of alloy wheels, you want to make it look best. But there is a common enemy of the alloy wheels that may not be aware. These can cause permanent damage and make it appear unsightly.

Brake dust is a substance that gets connected with the wheels of your vehicle. As brakes and brake pads rub against each other when applying pressure on the brake pedal, friction occurs. It gives rise to brake dust.

This dust gets deposited on the nearby surfaces, including alloy wheels, the underside of your car and tyres.

What Makes Brake Dust So Damaging?

Brake dust consists of different materials. It includes metal fillings, adhesive residues, and carbon fibres. None of this is right for your alloy wheels. So, you need to remove brake dust to prevent damage.

The adhesive compounds in brake dust are damaging and can cause galvanic corrosion if left untouched.

This corrosion causes the rims to appear unsightly and damage the structural integrity too.

You Can Stop Damage In Its Track

There are ways that you can control brake dust and stop it from affecting the appearance and durability of your rims.

As per the experts:

  • Retrofit low dust brake pads
  • Fit dust shield
  • Follow proper wheel care regimen

Regular washing of wheels ensures they look their best. You pay attention to your wheels during the winter. Even if it seems pointless to wash your wheels when these get lashed by snow and rain, it is essential to maintain the efficiency.