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Breaking the Myth that Buying Personalized Number Plate is Tough

Most car enthusiast even before buying their car thinks about buying a personalized number plate for it. There is a misunderstanding that getting a personal number plate is a tough nut to crack. Buying personalized number plates doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive and doesn’t have to be that complicated either.

Step By Step to get your desired number plates

Now let’s go through the steps (relatively easy) that are needed to get you that personalized number plate which you have always dreamt.

  • First, go to any browser and search for DVLA Personalized Plates.
  • You will find loads of private number plates company who charge way higher than what you will have to pay on the DVLA website. A private number plate will be cheaper on the official government DVLA website, the GOV.UK site is what you will need to search.
  • On the home page of the website, you need type in the word that you are interested in or have planning to get all along on the search section. You will immediately see a list of the available and LEGAL number plates from which you can select the one you desire.
  • This website has a feature where you can see the chosen personalized plates and check how it will show on the type of car you have, which is cool.
  • Once you have made your mind up, go ahead and book the plate and pay online.

What after you Book them online

Within a couple of weeks, you will receive an official DVLA receipt called the Certificate of Entitlement to a Vehicle Registration mark commonly known as the V750. On it, you will find the code that you need to get your so anticipated number plate made up.

Congratulations! You Received your Plates. Now What?

You need to contact an authorized number plate maker or dealers such as which promises you permitted fonts and design. We at Autoworld online have:

  • Wide range of 3D and 4D Font types those are legal
  • A wide selection of badges and borders
  • Footer text
  • Quality fitting selections

Expect to get your new registration plates delivered within a couple of days.

Fitting the New Plates

Once you have received your number plates, you can put them on yourself. But it is better to have a professional take care of it so that you do not damage your car or your new plates.