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Would You Invest Your Hard Earned Money to Buy Private Number Plates?

Car enthusiasts do incredible things to make their vehicle look unique. One such modification is to buy private number plates and make your car stand out among others. The craze for personalised number plates or private number plates has been on the increase for the last seven years. Some buy them to put them on their vehicle to make them look cooler, but the majority are buying them as an investment.

Private Number Plate……. What is it?

A privat number plate is a car registration plate where a set of alphabets or numbers make a meaningful or special text. This combination usually has high significance in the owner’s life and sometimes becomes a unique pattern and has a very high (in some cases extremely high) resale value. Example of unique private number plates:

  • 1
  • GB 1
  • F 1
  • I D

DVLA Rules When Buying Private Number Plates

  • When selecting personalised number plates you can choose for a variety of combinations. However, we have to be careful that the combination of alphabets and numbers does not make up for something rude or offensive. DVLA is strict on this issue and never approves such number plates.
  • DVLA never assigns a number plate to two or multiple owners. So you have to be sure that your number plate is not a duplicate one.
  • The car you want to have the private number plates on needs to be registered in the database.
  • Your Private Number Plate should display a year code which is older than the original date of your vehicle’s registration. You cannot have a current registration number on an older vehicle. You need to match your private number plate so that the year code on it is compatible with your car’s year of registration.
  • Once you Buy Private Number Plates you need to get them made from authorized number plate makers. When making your number plates, you cannot experiment with the text style, size, format, and colour. They have to be as per DVLA rules, which all allowed number plate makers need to follow.

Keeping Private Number Plates from Old Vehicle to New Vehicle.

When you sell your old vehicle, you can transfer your personalised number plate to your new car. There is a small fee involved, but that saves the pain of parting with your private number plate that you are so much attached to.

Autoworld Can Help

If you are interested to buy private number plates our experts can advise and assist you to get the best plates for you. We guarantee your number plate will follow all the DVLA rules and have great investment value. We will take the necessary headache and take care of the documentation for you.