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Buying Private Number Plates in the UK

Bespoke number plates are great to buy for a car owner who wants to give their car a personal touch or wants to buy it as an investment. If you are in the market for purchasing a personalised or a private number plate, you can do it through Autoworld. We are a retail outlet licensed by the DVLA to sell and make number plates. You can do it online on our website as we have a vast stock of private number plates through DVLA. You inform us the specifications of your requirement on your Private Number Plate, and we try the exact thing or the near best thing available.

Valid Documents Required

To buy your number plate, you will need all the supporting documents proving your identity and entitlement of your vehicle. Documents like V5C registration are a must for transfer of private number plates on a specific vehicle.

Why Buy From Autoworld

We are registered by DVLA to sell and make new number plates for car owners. Our services are affordable and effortless, making us the best in the market. Apart from the budget and the supporting documents, we ensure to make your Private Number Plate buying experience as sweet as possible with very little involvement. If you are buying for your vehicle or as a gift for someone we dedicate our experienced employees at your service, so you get the best private number plate which follows DVLA rules and an excellent investment for the future.

For All Your Number Plate Requirement

Have your number plates eligible at all times, so you do not fall in the trap of hefty fines by DVLA. Number plate fades over time and, you must replace them so, they are easily readable. For any issues with your old number plates like damaged plates, cracked number plates, faded ones, or obscured plates, please have them replaced at Autoworld at cost-effective prices. Don’t have finances for a private number plate? Not to worry, try out our 3D or 4D number plates to add that extra touch of glamour to your vehicle with your existing registration number.