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Can You Spot Cloned Car Number Plates?

Can You Spot Cloned Car Number Plates?

Do you know you can fall in grave danger with cloned number plates? These are involved in illegal activities and crime. There is a scam surrounding the cloning of registration plates. This according to the new registration can leave drivers with corrupt plates.

The DVLA has found there are several agencies selling out number plates to customers that require checking. It would ensure whether or not these are legitimate. You can refer to cloning of car number plates as identity theft. It can land you in a compromising state including parking penalty, crime and speeding ticket allegations.

As the police officers estimated, there are approximately 10000 cloned car plates throughout the UK. The DVLA has introduced measures to handle the problem. It requires number plate suppliers of Wales and England to register with the DVLA.

It even involves maintaining spot checks frequently. There have been instances where innocent people had been caught unknowingly driving cloned plates, landing in trouble. Hence, taking steps to control the issue becomes important.

How To Find If The Number Plate Has Been Cloned?

Owners can conduct an assessment matching the details of the VRN and VIN on the DVLA website. They also need to conduct an HPI check before buying number plates. It will help them decipher any doubtful information and transfer it to the authority.

You can doubt if the number plate you are buying from the dealer is of a lesser price than standard market price. It will help you understand the seller is trying to make a quick sale.

If the registration doesn’t have proper markings such as postcode, name of the supplier, there is a chance the number plate has been cloned. To make things easier, buy car number plates from a registered supplier and check their address before buying the plate.

What Should You Do If You Are The Victim Of A Cloned Plate?

If you have been suspected of driving a car with a cloned number plate, you need to understand the claim is a subject of doubt. So, you need to hire a good lawyer and build up the case in a proper manner to defend the case.