The Three Steps To Alloy Refurbishment

Alloy wheels are very good for cars because they can withstand a wide variety of damages. However, your wheels need timely treatment to make sure that your car looks presentable and to avoid the deterioration of your rim’s form and the right treatment will depend on what the damage is. There are 3 steps to refurbishing your alloy wheels.

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Treating alloy wheel damages

Typical alloy wheel damages scratching, rim scuffs, and corrosion. Eventually, all alloy wheels will experience wear and tear over time whether you drive your vehicle through an asphalt road or rocky rural terrain. Thankfully, the alloy wheels don’t always have to be replaced after being damaged because of their robust nature.

Steps To Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

  • Step 1: Removing the wheels and assessing the damage

This is a fairly standard stage that lays out the blueprint for the rest of the work. If the damage is beyond repair, we will advise on alloy and tyre replacement, but if our specialists can identify the problem being minor like scrapes or dents, your alloys can be saved and refurbished instead.

  • Step 2: Refurbishing the alloys

After we remove the tyres, we prepare the wheels by cleaning the dirt and other particles. With the help of our acid stripper, we strip down the alloy of all paint and bring it down to bare alloy. We use our specialist CNC lathes to remove severe kerb damage and other surface trauma. Our wheel refurbishment specialists sometimes use manual sanding or sanding equipment to remove lesser damage. After we negate the damages, we proceed with re-coating the alloy wheels using either powder coating, lacquer or our paint systems.

For diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment we use a specific lathe machine to cut the face of the wheel which removes the damage, and to match the original colour we apply several coats of lacquer.

  • Step 3: Refitting the wheels

Before placing your wheels back on the vehicle we straighten them and after we refit the tyres we balance them. We also do a trial run and you are ready to leave our garage with your refurbished wheels.

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